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A 10 Day Summary…

A 10 Day Summary…

I’ve been quite fortunate in getting tickets to Olympic events here at the Vancouver 2010 Games! I’ve been lucky enough to acquire tickets to several events, all at face value. Events I’ve seen include speed skating at the Olympic Oval, men’s hockey at Canada Hockey Place, and women’s hockey at Thunderbird Stadium at UBC. I’ve also been to a Victory Ceremony and to the Molson Canadian Hockey House twice to watch hockey games there.

The best part about all of these opportunities for me is that I am able to take  photos of once in a lifetime events in our beautiful city!

Here are some of those images to give you a taste of my 2010 Olympics experiences:

Speed Skating:

On February 13th, after winning tickets in the Holland Heineken House ticket lottery for Dutch citizens, I went to my first speed skating event. It was unbelievable! The energy in the Richmond Oval was electrifying! And the fact that Holland’s Sven Kramer won Gold, made it that much better!

Men's 5000m Speed Skating

Men's 5000m Speed Skating

Men's 5000m Speed Skating

Gold Medalist, Sven Kramer of the Netherlands.

Sven Kramer, 5000M Gold Medal Speed Skater

Victory Ceremony:

The first gold medal for Canada was awarded to Alex Bilodeau on February 15th. I was at the medal ceremony to see it happen!

Feb 15 Olympic Victory Ceremony

Feb 15 Olympic Victory Ceremony

Feb 15 Olympic Victory Ceremony\

Molson Canadian Hockey House:

On February 15th, Tom Cochrane played at the Molson Canadian Hockey House. Guests to his stage included Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies, and Donald Sutherland. It was an amazing show and the House was full of energy and excitement! A super fun time! If you have a chance to watch a game at the Molson Canadian Hockey House, take it! Included in the FanZone ticket is entrance, food, and non-alcoholic beverages. Beer is $7.50 tax and tip included.

Tom Cochrane at Molson Hockey House

Tom Cochrane at Molson Hockey House

Tom Cochrane at Molson Hockey House

Molson Hockey House

Men’s Hockey:

I was at the USA vs Norway game on February 18th. We had seats right behind the photographers’ pit and I was able to sneak into the photographers area for about 20 minutes in the second period! It was amazing to be so close to the action and having the players bang up against the glass right in front of me! Here are some of the shots from that game.

USA - Norway Olympic Hockey Game

USA - Norway Olympic Hockey Game

USA - Norway Olympic Hockey Game

USA - Norway Olympic Hockey Game

Women’s Hockey:

On February 22nd, the Swiss played the Russians in Women’s Hockey at Thunderbird Stadium out at UBC. After a well-matched game, a few injuries, overtime and a shootout, the Swiss were victorious, winning 4th place in the 2010 Olympic standings! Congratulations Switzerland!

Women's Hockey: SUI - RUS

Women's Hockey: SUI - RUS

Women's Hockey: SUI - RUS

Women's Hockey: SUI - RUS

Women's Hockey: SUI - RUS

Believe it or not, there are still tickets available for upcoming events! We are into the final week of the Games and your final chances to see some awesome Olympic athletes in action! Try your luck for tickets at the Vancouver 2010 Fan to Fan site, Craigslist, or even right outside the venues from people trying to simply sell extra tickets at face value because they are unable to attend the event. It doesn’t always have to be pricey!A 10 Day

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Reflection on my first Week at the 2010 Winter Games

Reflection on my first Week at the 2010 Winter Games

Amazing first week at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. Here’s some of the Highlights of my first week at 2010 Olympics…

Watching the Olympic flame Downtown… Hours before the Opening Ceremony. It was amazing to see the flame change hands as it was zig zagging through the streets of our host city on its last day (Day 106 of a 40,000 Kms).

A few hours later Wayne Gretzky will be the last torch barer, completing the journey riding in the back of a pickup, in the rain, to light the Cauldron…

Visiting the various hospitality houses:

  • Holland Heineken House – The Holland is located at the Richmond OZone – (Minoru Park) and is within walking distance of the Richmon Oval, the long track speed skating venue. I had the opportunity to go there a few nights this week; I saw and met Sven when we celebrate him breaking the OR and winning a Gold Medal – Speed Skating, Men 5000m.  The music and Dj are great entertainment, the beer flow freely @ $4.50 for a 8 once glass, it falls in line with other Olympic prices. Overall I would say, a great venue to enjoy an evening. Note that the House is Close to “NON Dutch Passport Holder” on days when Holland wins a Gold Medal. Expect Long line up…
  • Irish House - I was at their opening night, and as much as the space is fun, I didn’t find my space here. It feels like an extension of the Doolin’s Irish Pub, a large tent venue with comfortable seating, decent sounds and average cover bands. The beer is on the expensive side <$8, the entrance fee uncalled for! Seriously… The Irish House has received many noise complaints since it is open late. Expect long line up.
  • German House. Great food, tasty beers, friendly Germans and a good spot to watch a game or just hang with friends. You can buy tasty sausages and other German grilled food. Expect Long line up…
  • Sochi World – If you like the Olympics and are a fan, I would strongly recommend doing the trip to the Rusky World. Science World has been converted into a demo centre for the next Winter Games in Russia. The Second floor feature the sponsors, a great place to watch hockey, and an Info Centre for the Upcoming Olympic University. Expect very long line up. A must see IMO.
  • Atlantic House - Possibly  one of the best place to spend an afternoon while learning about eastern Canada and enjoying tasty food, great beers,Screech (NF Rum). I hung out with friends and found the venue (Backstage Lounge on Granville Island) to be a great reflection of Atlantic Canada. Line up was not that bad on the day we visited the house.
  • Switzerland House – I had the pleasure to go to their opening night and for the Canada vs Switzerland Man Hockey game. The food is tasty as you would expect; you can choose between Fondue, Sausage, cold cut plate and various other dishes. The bar is a good venue to enjoy a game. Expect a line up.
  • La Maison Du Quebec - I went to La Maison Du Quebec on Quebec day and enjoyed a tall beer, some great music in a large open venue. I would say that overall this is a great location to enjoy a band, taste great bieres Quebecoise and spend a great evening. Line up varies, but they tend to move fast.
  • HBC – Pin Trading Center – No Olympics would be complete without trading a few pins. Coca Cola and HBC have partnered up and there is a Pin trading centre at the downtown HBC olympic store. They have daily events, and you can find pro and amateur pin traders networking there throughout the day. A must see spot for anyone interested in Pin Trading or anyone who would like to know more about this unofficial Olympic sport.
  • Molson Canadian Hockey House - Molson have been extremely generous to us and granted us access to the venue before the public opening and for a few games. Overall this is by far the best place to watch a hockey game. The fan zone passes are not cheap but if you factor in that this is a all day pass, which include food and “in and out” privilege and the bar serves more than just Molson Canadian. Although why would you want to drink anything else? No Lineup, lots of space, the entertainment is not conducted by your traditional PG 13 host ;) Overall a must do experience for any Hockey Fan
  • Club Bud – Burton Event – One of the most exclusive party of the 2010 games, the Club Bud party series will feature 5 different night co-sponsored with another outfit. This week Club Bud (Ustream channel for the red carpet) was hosting the Burton and NHL parties. I attended the Burton party. We got to share space with Karl Lewis, the USA Snowboarding team, talented snowboard artists and various Celebrities.. By Invitation only

Exploring the CODE

love them ring colors

  • CODE 1 – We attended the Opening Night and enjoyed the various instalations. See our posts on CODE 1 for more information.
  • CODE 2 – Located at Emily Carr University on Vancouver Island, code two has a few instalation worth seeing. I would recommend taking the time to listen or watch all the media loops..Worth the time, no line up, and a fun thing to do while on Granville Island.
  • Code 3 – Located on the lower level of the Downtown Vancouver Public Library – CODE 3 has a fun interactive air canon that shoot up airplane message with beacon light. A fun thing to do with the kids. Expect a line up but fun and creative.

John’s CODE Pictures &   KK’s CODE Pictures

Attending Sporting events
USA vs Norway

  • Speed Skating – Attending an event where you get to witness an Olympic Record is something memorable. I really enjoyed the Richmond Oval. A bit out of the way, but a great legacy venue for after the Olympics.
  • Hockey Game – USA vs NOR – The US team won in this amazing game. We scored great seats in the first round of tickets allocation and this was a great game to check out.

Nightly Victory Ceremonies and Themed Days

  • Quebec Day – Alex’s Golden Moment - Music and Quebec Talent followed by the Victory Celebration for Canada’s 1st Gold on Canadian soil in 3 Olympics.. Overall I would say that at >$30 the nightly Victory Ceremonies are a good value for the family. Sadly the scalpers are selling tickets at criminal rates..
  • PEI Day – Sean White get’s the Gold – Unfortunately we arrived late for the first part entertainment. But we witness Shaun White receiving his Gold Medal. Hedley was the headliner that night.

TNMH and other Events

  • Hanging at the BCMC – The Robson Square Media Centre has become a central basecamp for us over the past week; it is a great venue to meet other media outlets, reporters and celebrities. This week we got to meet Canada’s Golden Boy; Alex Bilodeau, Ex-Terminator now Governor Arnold Swartzenergger, taste wine from various regions. Hug the Stanley Cup and get great support to create content for this blog… ;)

  • TNMH – Alternative Media Group founded to serve a missing need. Photowalk to the Olympic Cauldron – We held a #TNMH photowalk from the German House to Robson Square via the Olympic Cauldron;  we had a bit more than a dozen photographer come to the ad-hoc event and we where lucky to have a great sunny day for us to explore the Streets of Vancouver.
  • Zip Line over Robson Square – By far the most fun I had in my first week, riding Zip Trek’s Zip Line over Robson Square was the highlight free activity of the 2010 Winter Game.

Zip Trek over Robert Square with @mariskar

Final notes; Despite the terrible rain on the opening ceremony night, we had amazing weather this week. I have never seen so many happy people people in vancouver> the streets filled with helping volunteers and fans from over 90 nations.

No fun city? Not anymore, the police and security force has done a great job with crowd control in face of the massive all night street parties.

Overall it was an amazing first week at the 2010 Winter Games.

Bonus: Check out the great 3D view of the venues..

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The Olympic Storm Hits Vancouver

The Olympic Storm Hits Vancouver

For the past years, people from Canada and the world have been anticipating the 2010 Winter Games.

While the IOC and VANOC busted their buns around the clock getting ready to host the party, the rest of us continued with our daily lives. Meanwhile an army of athletes, volunteers, and officials are dedicating their lives to ensure that the spirit of the Olympics, the competitions and hosting the world largest cultural celebrations are successful for everyone (Especially their sponsors…).

I feel both a sense of satisfaction and sadness as I am living, experiencing these games. This has been something that I have been looking forward to for a long time and now it is here. What’s next on my Olympic journey?

Over 80 nations are competing in our city until February 28th. 2500 Athletes inspiring us and demonstrating what dedicated, hard working humans can achieve.

People from all over the world are walking these BC Streets, enjoy the various free venues and taking in the Winter Games Celebrations.

February 14th – aka Valentine Day

Today is Valentine Day, at the Swiss House they are doing chocolate fondue. On Robson square and in Richmond at the Ozone, they are celebrating BC Day, In Chinatown, a 3000 years old + culture is celebrating Chinese New Year..

Where where you for the Opening Ceremonies?

Having already seen the Opening Ceremony Dressed Rehearsal on February 10th, I opted to hang out with friends at a local pub and watch the actual opening ceremonies on the screen. I eventually made my way to the OZone in Richmond and ended my night at the Holland Heineken House..

Recap of Day Two

Saturday was a great first day of competition; I went to the 5000m Speed skating Medal Event at the Oval in Richmond, I was lucky enough to have front row seats in the dutch National team section and watch Sven Kramer break the Olympic Record and win the Gold Medal.

After a much needed nap and some tasty Japanese food at Modern Club Teppaniaki Restaurant, we return to the Holland Heineken House for the evening celebrations and attend Sven press conference with the dutch media.. (We are Accredited with the Holland Heineken House and will be covering various events there over the next few weeks)

I used Ustream to webcast his interview (in Dutch) from the Holland house…

Reflection on these past few days?

Despite the tragic event of Friday morning and the lost of the Olympian Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. Despite the violent actions of protesters abusing their freedom of speech rights. Despite Canada not wining its first Gold (congrats Jen for winning the Silver, our first medal of the XXI Olympics for Canada!)

I would say that Vancouver/Whistler, BC and Canada are off to a good start hosting these games.

Photo credits Mariska Richters and John Beihler (Van Access team)

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O-Zone Richmond

O-Zone Richmond

The O Zone is where you can be part of a real Olympic Games experience, with thousands of your closest friends, cheering on Canada’s athletes, exploring cool stuff, and rocking to some of the hottest young bands in Canada. The O Zone is also the biggest celebration of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, amassed over 60 acres in the heart of Richmond City Centre, just minutes from the new Canada Line Brighouse Station near Richmond City Hall and Minoru Park.

You’ve never seen Richmond like this: mammoth ice art, massive high-definition screen, outdoor skating on real ice, entertainment from around the region and around the world, art, athletes, exhibits, virtual reality (bobsleigh ride anyone?), food and fireworks. Bands like Our lady Peace, Hawksley Workman, Bedouin Soundclash, Toyko Police Club and Wintersleep headline. Theme nights saluting Canada’s diverse cultures and regions from World Beat rhythms and South Asian dance and music to Pan Northern sounds from above the Arctic Circle. There’s something for everyone, and for all ages. Did we mention it’s free?

The site is located just a few kilometers south of downtown Vancouver and a short hop on the Canada Line, starting Friday, February 12 through Sunday, February 28, 2010.

What is the O Zone?

O-lympic. O-val. Oh Wow. The O Zone is an Official Celebration Site of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, a free festival where locals and visitors can come together to experience the excitement of the Winter Games.

What can I do at the O Zone?

  • The O Zone will offer a variety of free activities, entertainment and exhibits for local and international visitors of all ages.
  • Slide. Shoot. Score. Visitors to the BCLC 2010 Winter Games Dome can see what it’s like to compete as a virtual member of Canada’s Olympic bobsled or Paralympic sit-ski team, shoot targets on the biathlon course or score goals on the ice hockey rink.
  • Lace Up. First explore the history of skating in Canada exhibit from the Canadian Museum of Civilization, then lace up and go for a skate yourself on our free, outdoor skating rink.
  • Cheer. Watch Canadians own the podium on our 42-metre, high-definition screen in simulcasts of Olympic competition, then cheer our athletes in person as they visit the O Zone.
  • Rock On. Your favourite local performers, some new and upcoming talent and Canadian and international stars rock the main stage.
  • Spreek het Nederlands. Become Dutch for a day and visit Holland Heineken House, the Netherlands famous national house, sponsored by their most famous export.
  • On Ice. Be amazed by the giant, ever-changing ice art installation by internationally renowned B.C. artist Gordon Halloran. Or marvel the incredible ice sculptures at the World Ice Carving Exhibition.
  • On Fire. No festival is complete without fireworks, and we’ve got opening and closing displays brought to you by BCLC.
  • Warm Up. It’s winter. It’s chilly out. Warm up and meet people from all over the world at one of the strategically positioned COLD-FX Warming Tents.
  • Chill Out. Rest awhile and enjoy a tasty snack or dinner at our food fair.

Here is a map of the venue:


Map powered by MapPress

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Holland / Heineken House

Holland / Heineken House

The Holland Heineken House is the official home of the Dutch Olympic Committee NOC*NSF and is facilitated by Heineken. The 5.000 square meters of the Minoru Arenas consists of two ice hockey rinks, which will be removed especially for this occasion. MinoruArenas is only a 5-minute walk from Canada Line Skytrain Station Richmond-Brighouse and a 15-minute walk from the Richmond Olympic Oval, the location where the Dutch speed skaters will compete for the medals. The Holland Heineken House is in the beating heart of the special arranged Richmond Olympic Zone (O Zone) at Minuro Park.

Take a virtual tour of the Heineken House.

Medal Ceremony Hall
The highlight of the Holland Heineken House experience is the main hall featuring celebratory medal ceremonies for the successful Dutch athletes and nightly performances by Dutch renowned artists and DJ’s. It can host about 3,000 – 4,000 people every night. The uniquely close relationship that Dutch sport fans have with their heroes – coupled with their penchant for the national color orange – makes for a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere during celebrations and performances. More than 100,000 people visited the Holland Heineken House during Winter Games in Turin and 95,000 at the Beijing Olympics. At the last Summer Games, supporters were able to celebrate a total of 16 medals for the Dutch Olympic Team.

Epic centre Dutch sporting world
Further features of the Holland Heineken House include a Lodge Restaurant and several food outlets, a Dutch Consulate information desk, ATP travel and ticketing desk, a special athletes’ room, VIP facilities for members of the Dutch royal family and government should they pay a visit, a business lounge for partners and suppliers of NOC*NSF and facilities for Dutch media. The organization expects more than 50.000 visitors during the Olympic Winter games in Richmond.
Sports fans can follow the progress of their heroes live on dozens of large screens throughout the Holland Heineken House, sharing in the achievements and emotions that are part and parcel of the Olympic experience. Should you be unable to obtain a ticket for your favorite event, there is no better way to enjoy the action than in the company of fellow fans.

Opening hours
Open daily from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m., the Holland Heineken House is an ideal place to catch up on the latest of the Olympics or simply relax with something to eat or drink. Everyone is welcome who comes to the Olympic Games from 11 until the 28th of February 2010, including international guests, and most of all those with a Dutch Passport.
The refreshments offer a range from fast food and healthy snacks to the best of modern cuisine, of course with a Dutch and Canadian hint. Combined -of course- with a fresh and cold Heineken draught beer. Table reservations for lunch and dinner at the Lodge Restaurant (capacity 150 pax) already can be made by sending an e-mail to

The Heineken House is locate next to the O Zone and the Richmond Oval Centre where the speed skating events will take place…
View Larger Map

More information on the Heineken House coming soon…

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2010 Olympic Games Free Attractions Guide

2010 Olympic Games Free Attractions Guide

Vancouver Access’ affordable venues guide to Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Games

Are you excited about the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to Vancouver, but worried your budget won’t allow you to participate in any events? You’re not alone…  This guide is the collective effort of many people including the fine folks at City Caucus.

We hope you and your family enjoy everything Metro Vancouver and the Games have to offer. Say hi if/when you see us out there…

The Google map bellow was created by Andrea (aka Vanfan) It includes links to the various venues, transit stations and other attractions…

View Vancouver 2010 Venues in a larger map

The following list provides you with some excellent links and descriptions of some of the top free and low-cost venues in Metro Vancouver.

Abbotsford Live Site

rec_centreOpens on Feb 12: Abbotsford Recreation Centre will transform into an Olympic Hub February 12-28, 2010. The Live Sites program was created to help residents share in the Spirit of 2010 as well as to help BC communities, in all regions of the Province, find a way to develop a lasting legacy from the 2010 Winter Games. Abbotsford residents will have a place to go to share the Olympic spirit. Olympic themed public skates, swims, and programs will welcome Abbotsford residents.

There will also be a free night market and inflatable fun zone Thursdays & Fridays 5pm – 9pm, Saturdays 9am – 9pm and Sundays Noon – 9pm. The Russian figure skaters will be practicing as well. For our out-of-town visitors, Abbotsford is located about an hour or so drive east of Vancouver on the TransCanada Highway. Check here to get the latest information. Click here for directions on how to get there.

Alberta House

Alberta HouseOpens on Feb 12: Located at the intersection ofRobson and Beatty Streets Alberta Plaza, in front of Alberta House, will be open to the public from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm daily and feature information about living, working, playing and investing in Alberta. Every evening the plaza will offer free performances featuring 40 of Alberta’s established and emerging musicians and artists. The plaza will also showcase Alberta’s diverse cuisine with food and beverage sales offered to the public.

In addition to the musical artists, a selection of 20 artworks from the permanent art collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts will be featured at Alberta House. Showcasing Alberta visual artists, the artworks will highlight a diversity of media in both traditional and contemporary styles from hand blown glass to digital photography to kinetic sculpture. Thousands of international guests, Vancouver locals and fellow Canadians will be enticed to stop and experience dynamic presentations, and Alberta’s new brand message: Freedom to Create, Spirit to Achieve. February 17 has been proclaimed Alberta Day. See more info.

Atlantic Canada House

AtlanticCanadaHouseOpens on Feb 13th: Atlantic Canada’s best will hit the world stage during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador along with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency present Atlantic Canada House at Granville Island’s Arts Club Theatre from February 13 to 28.

For two weeks, Canada’s West Coast will come alive with East Coast performers on one of Vancouver’s most historic sites, Granville Island. A popular local venue, Granville Island is expecting over 35,000 visitors daily. It is easily accessible by water taxis, bus, bicycle, streetcar and foot. It is highly recommended you do not drive on to Granville Island as there will be limited parking available. A Canada Line to Bombardier streetcar connection would be easiest.

Once at Atlantic Canada House, guests will find an authentic and inspiring setting. It’s here you’ll be treated to East Coast culinary delights, discover the region’s culture and spirit, and share in Atlantic Canadian hospitality. Within the pavilion space, you’ll find the Granville Island Stage, the Revue Stage and the Backstage Lounge. Atlantic Canadian artists will be featured nightly, and daily performances on the Revue Stage will celebrate the region and welcome guests to the Atlantic Canadian way of life.

BC Hydro PowerSmart Village

BC Hydro Powersmart 2010Opens on Feb 10th: This winter during the 2010 Games, BC Hydro will be opening the doors to the BC Hydro PowerSmart Village, another free attraction. Visitors are welcomed to celebrate the spirit of the Games in a theme of conservation and sustainability. Members of your entire family will enjoy a wide range of activities like dancing on a sustainable dance floor, creating an inspirational message on the digital expression wall or even taking a break from cheering on athletes to check out First Nation carvings or our “the future is now” home exhibit. You’ll even have a chance to win Olympic tickets by taking part in one of their many events.

The venue is about one-block from the LiveCity Downtown site and the Canada Pavilion in Vancouver. During the Olympics (Feb 10 to 28) the hours of operation are Sun to Thurs – 10 am to 8 pm and Fri and Sat – 10am to 10pm. Click here for directions. Don’t miss it and remember to always be PowerSmart!

BC Pavilion (Vancouver Art Gallery)

BC Pavilion - You Gotta Be Here!Opens on Feb 12th: The British Columbia Pavilionwill be proudly located at the beautiful Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) building next to Robson Square. You can expect to see a number of interactive displays that will highlight the rich cultural fabric of both British Columbia and Canada. You gotta check out BC’s fantastic newYou Gotta Be Here ad.

Live concert performances are taking place at Robson Square which will feature several BC musical artists (more information below). This downtown hub also features the International Media Centre where several live broadcasts are taking place, the Ziptrek line over Robson Square, and the GE Plaza skating rink.

A series of displays highlighting BC industry & tourism will also be on-site. Visitors will get full access to the VAG for free during the Games and the venue is anticipated to be open between 9:00 am – 9:00 pm daily. A special Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit is available for public viewing. Located in the heart of downtown across from the huge Canadian flag at Georgia & Howe Street and right next to the GE Plaza outdoor skating rink, this will definitely become a popular gathering place. The north lawn is also home to the official Omega Olympic and Paralympic Countdown Clock. The area is conveniently accessed by the Skytrain or Canada Line Vancouver City Centre stops. You, definitely, gotta be here.

During the 2010 Winter Games, BC’s signature celebration site at Robson Square will feature live entertainment, sport demonstrations, light shows, video displays, and fun for the whole family.

Featured programming at Robson Square during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (Feb. 12-28) includes:

Aboriginal Showcase – A showcase of the talents, traditions and contemporary expressions of B.C.’s Aboriginal people with performers including three-time World Champion Hoop Dancer Alex Wells, the Yinka Dene Drum Group, Métis Cultural Dancers, Le-La-La Dancers, and the Nisga’a Ts’amiks Dancers.

When: Daily at 12:30 p.m.

First Nations Carving Exhibit – Located in a temporary gallery on the northeast side of the Georgia Street Plaza, will feature Musqueam artist Susan Point and Coast Salish artists demonstrating their creative skill.

When: Daily from noon to 8 p.m.

BC Kids – Fun programs with B.C.’s best children’s performers including Bobs and Lolo, Rick Scott, and The Kerplunks. In addition, there will be amazing acrobatic, circus and theatrical arts shows by Vancouver’s CircusWest.

When: Weekends at noon and 1 p.m.; CircusWest daily at 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:30 p.m.

BC Live – Showcasing B.C. musicians and artists representing all regions and cultures with family entertainment to world-beat fusion to B.C.’s best indie bands. Performers include Jim Byrnes, Mother Mother, Hey Ocean, Alex*Cuba, The Left, Jaydee Bixby, Said The Whale, and the Paperboys.

When: Nightly at 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

BC Spirit Showcase: Music! Culture! Community! – Featuring local community and multicultural performers, as well as established, amateur and up-and-coming musicians from B.C. Performers include M’Girl, Shari Ulrich, Pastiche, Gypsalero, Tiller’s Folly, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Showstoppers, Ache Brasil, Strathcona Chinese Dance Company, and Il Voce.

When: Various showtimes daily

BC Street Jam – Engaging performances on Robson Street showcasing the unique talents of the best of B.C.’s street artists, including the Stunt Superstar Aaron Gregg, the Checkerboard Guy, Junkyard Symphony, and the Bigger Balloon Guy.

When: Various showtimes daily and nightly

Meet The Mascots On Ice – A fun, family show featuring the Vancouver 2010 mascots and their friends as they skate, dance and sing in celebration of the Games.

When: Daily at 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Ignite the Dream – A spectacular and innovative evening show that will light up the sky featuring specialized lighting, pyrotechnics, lasers, projected images, and performers high above the ground.

When: Nightly at 9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.

For more information, please visit

Bell Ice Cube

bell-ice-cubeOpens on Feb 11th: The Bell Ice Cube will be a 3,000 square-foot temporary building located at Robson & Beatty street in downtown Vancouver and will open to the public on February 11th. It will be open February 11th to 28th from 11am to 11pm and will feature entertainment, Olympic ticket giveaways and interactive product demonstrations. The unique high-tech design of Bell Ice Cube will provide visitors an opportunity to view ceremonies and competitions on multiple plasma screens in high definition Bell TV. During the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and during major sporting events, visitors will be able to watch the magic on a large projection screen.

Every day at 3 pm, there will be a live show called Ice Talk, where Olympians will be interviewed by five-time Olympian and Bell Champion Charmaine Crooks. Athletes will share their own Olympic stories and sign autographs for Games fans. Bell Ice Cube will also feature guest performances by internationally acclaimed vocal play group, Naturally 7. In addition to brilliant harmonies, every instrument sound is created by the human voice. From musical styles that range from pop to R&B, Naturally 7 has charmed fans around the world.

Bombardier Streetcar

streetcarOperating Now: Known as the Olympic Line, this will be a demonstration project between Granville Island “French Quarter” and the Olympic Village Canada Line station. A modern and “high-end” European streetcar will shuttle passengers by rail between the Canada Line and the “French Quarter” at Granville Island. It is free to ride, but they are expecting over 500,000 people will take the trip over the two month period when it will be in operation. The train is scheduled to start running on January 21st (open ceremonies take place at 9:30am at Cambie & 2nd Avenue, beside the Olympic Village Canada Line station) through March 21st, and it will run 18 hours per day. also took some great photos of the Olympic Line, and has this exclusive first look video. Here’s the map to the Granville Island stop, and here is the map to the Olympic Village stop.

Canada Line (to YVR)

Canada LineWhile not free, for about the price of a cup of coffee, you can ride the beautiful new Canada Line rapid transit system, and head from the downtown Waterfront station all the way to the Vancouver International Airport. Along the way, you will cross the mighty Fraser River and have the opportunity to stop at trendy Oakridge Mall and Cambie Village.

When you arrive at the airport, be sure to visit one of the most beautiful airport observatories found anywhere on the planet. Here is a YouTube video you can watch before you go. We also have a photo of it on our Flickr page.

A number of interactive displays at YVR are available for kids, not to mention all the jumbo 747s that provide “live” entertainment. Located in the public, pre-security area of the Domestic Terminal, Level 4 and free for all visitors, the Public Observation Area is a great place to meet family and friends.

After arriving at YVR, proceed to Departures Level 3 of the Domestic Terminal. The Public Observation Area is located on Level 4 of the Domestic Terminal, above the food court area. Click here for directions from the Waterfront station to the airport. Click here for directions from the Vancouver International Airport to downtown.

Canada Pavilion

canada pavilionOpens on Feb 13th: Centrally located at Vancouver’sLiveCity Downtown Celebration Site (corner of Georgia St and Cambie St), the Canada Pavilion will demonstrate Canada’s commitment to creative excellence, sustainable development and fostering diversity with informative and innovative content that is sure to make Canadians proud. Inside the pavilion, visitors can use interactive technologies to learn about Canadian sport excellence, including Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic history, trivia and visual displays illustrating Canadian innovation in sporting equipment and technology, and virtual snowboard and slapshot games. The Pavilion will provide an opportunity to learn more about Olympic and Paralympic sports and help to choose an activity that’s right for you. The pavilion will open on Saturday, Feb 13th. Hours of operation are February 13-27, 2010: 11:00 a.m. to midnight. February 28, 2010: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. March 12-14, 2010: 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. March 18-21, 2010: 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Canada’s Northern House

husky-eyesOpen Now: Canada’s Northern House, at 602 W. Hastings Street & Seymour in Vancouver, is located in the heart of downtown. You can expect to be captivated with the simulated northern lights shining from the windows. The lights will draw people in to view and get information on Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon art, business, athletes, cultural performers and artists.Visitors to Northern House will be greeted at the entrance by an inuksuk built by former Nunavut Commissioner Peter Irniq, using stone from Nunavut, Northwest Territories and British Columbia. Canada’s Northern House will showcase talented performers such as Artcirq and throat singers, drum dancers, and traditional games athletes during the Olympic Games. Canada’s Northern House will have an art lounge, story telling area and an exhibit called “The North Today” featuring interactive displays on living, visiting and investing in Nunavut. There will also be business information about the three territories. Visitors also have the chance to win an $8,000 diamond or a 3.8 ounce gold nugget valued at $7,000. The House is open through March 31, 2010. Daily hoursduring the 2010 Olympic Games will be 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Before and after the 2010 Olympic Games, it will be open from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Check out some cool exclusive photos and video of the pavilion by clicking here.

Casa Italia

RoundhouseOpens on Feb 6th: In 2006, Italy played home to the Winter Olympics. In a few weeks, the historic Roundhouse Community Centre will play home to the 2010 pavilion known as Casa Italia. The pavilion will be open to the public and will feature some of the best food, drink and entertainment that Italy has to offer. You can expect to see Ferrero Rocher as well as some other fine Italian products on display. Casa Italia will be open daily to the public between Feb 6 – 28th from noon until 6pm daily. The pavilion is only one block north of the LiveCity Yaletown and should therefore be a popular destination with locals and visitors alike. If you’re looking for directions on how to get there, click here.

CentrePlace Manitoba

centreplace manitobaOpens on Feb 13: CentrePlace Manitoba is a 2,560 sq ft, pre-fabricated, sustainable building featuring Manitoba products and technology. Multimedia exhibits, developed in Manitoba, will showcase tourism, business, immigration and sport and highlight our province’s prosperity, opportunity and potential. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights will be a partner and have a feature exhibit in the pavilion.

Thirty Manitoba artists and arts groups will perform, supported by the Manitoba Arts Council, as part of the2010 Cultural Olympiad. Many of our province’s Aboriginal artists will also perform at the Four Host First Nations pavilion. CentrePlace Manitoba will be located at the LiveCity Vancouver – Downtown site (on Georgia Street at Cambie).CentrePlace Manitoba will be open during both the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games. Hours of Operation: February 13 – 27, 11 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. February 28, 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Club Bud

Commodore Ballroom
Club Bud, host of the hottest parties in Beijing and Torino, will claim its place on top of the party podium in Vancouver. Budweiser will be the center of Vancouver’s social scene for five nights in February.

In Torino, Budweiser introduced the world to Club Bud with a six-story pyramid-shaped nightclub. Club Bud kept the party going in Beijing with 360° video screens, an electrifying dance floor and an outdoor pool. In February 2010, Club Bud will transform the famed Commodore Ballroom into the place for athletes, celebrities and some lucky fans to celebrate in style.

Club Bud will be located on pedestrian-friendly Granville Street in the heart of Vancouver’s entertainment district. The 19,000-square foot, 1,000-person capacity, multi-level venue will feature a concert stage, elevated seating, several bar and lounge areas and the legendary 2,646-square foot sprung dance floor. Partygoers will enjoy live DJs and music throughout the night and three separate bar areas will offer distinct atmospheres to enjoy a cold Budweiser with friends.

Coca Cola Pavilion (LiveCity Yaletown)

coca-cola-pavilionOpens on Feb 11th: A big red temporary 8600 square foot structure is going up at LiveCity Yaletown. This will become home to the new Coca Cola Pavilion. They are one of the major international sponsors of the Games and you can expect to see a lot of them around town in the next couple of months. Fans will have an opportunity to learn more about Coca-Cola and their history with the Olympic Games, sample ice cold Coca-Cola products, see the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch, and much more! At night the translucent roof becomes the canopy for a spectacular light display. caught a photo of it a few weeks ago. Hours of Operation: 10 am – 11:30 pm daily. For more information visit Check back here early this week as we plan to add more details about the various free contests and giveaways onsite.

Four Host First Nations Pavilion

fourhostnationsOpens on Feb 12th: Located on the plaza of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at Georgia and Hamilton in downtown Vancouver, within easy walking distance of BC Place (venue for opening ceremonies) and Canada Hockey Place (venue for ice hockey), the 8,000 square-foot 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion will be right in the heart of Olympic activity, with Vancouver’s Celebration Site located immediately across Cambie Street. The pavilion features a high-tech 3,000 square-foot sphere, surrounded by a Coast Salish Longhouse. The Longhouse, which features a 1,500 square-foot Trading Post, will be relocated after the Games as a permanent legacy. As well, the adjacent 2,000 square-foot QE restaurant will be converted into a reception hall, featuring an Aboriginal showcase and cuisine. Special “theme” days will showcase Aboriginal groups from all regions of Canada. Live events will include Inuit throat singing, Métis jigging, hoop dancing, as well as spotlighting contemporary Aboriginal performances and other fields of achievement. Check out this photo of the building under construction. Hours of operation vary by day. Click here for a detailed schedule of events.

French Quarter (Granville Island) (Place de la Francophonie 2010)

Granville Island public marketOpens on Feb 11: Located just south of the downtown, this popular tourist attraction will become the place to celebrate Canada’s French heritage. There will be two pavilions, a French bistro and pub, as well as a stage for concerts. They also intend on creating an “artists’ alley” like Rue Sainte-Anne in Quebec City. Be sure to visit Place de la Francophonie. This little “French Quarter” will offer visitors a cornucopia of activities including shows featuring Canadian and international performers, a sports pub, a farmer’s market, tourism circuits and trails and many exhibits of works by francophone artists. More than just a meeting spot, visitors to Place de la Francophonie will delight in the ongoing festive atmosphere while discovering the cultural and artistic wealth of the country. It runs from Feb 11-28 and the hours of operation are Exhibits: 11am to 8pm; Shows: 6pm to midnight; Club Adrénaline: 11am to midnight; Events: Beginning at noon. You can get there by taking the free streetcar from the Olympic Canada Line Station to Granville Island. Vancouver’s famous False Creek water taxiswill also provide transportation across the water during the Games. Expect this site to be extremely popular so get there early and take transit if you can.

GE Plaza (Robson Square)

GE Plaza photo 2.jpgOpen Now: GE Plaza at Robson Square features a popular outdoor skating rink, and is the location for the International Media Centre and BC Pavilion during the Games and centrally located at Robson & Howe Streets. Thanks to the generous contribution from General Electric in partnership with the Province of BC, the skating is free and skate rentals are only $3. The rink is open daily from noon to 9 pm.

The revitalization of the ice rink at GE Plaza has brought over 115,000 visitors to Robson Square to enjoy ice skating, concerts, and other special events since it re-opened in late November. Robson Square is the BC’s signature celebration site during the 2010 Winter Games. Live music performances are taking place day and night at this lively centre of activity. Just look for the big glass bubbles from street level.

The site is just a 2-minute walk from the Vancouver City Centre Skytrain and Canada Line stations. Clickhere for directions on how to get there.

German Saxony House

rowing-club-winterOpens on Feb 12th: During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park will be transforming into the Saxony House. Be sure to drop by this free pavilion to experience the Olympics in true Saxon style! You’ll have the opportunity to watch the games, meet medal winners, listen to live music and enjoy traditional German food and drinks.

The Vancouver Rowing Club (Flickr photo by p squaredseen above) will transform its 19th century aura into a glittering Saxony House, offering magnificent views of Burrard Inlet and Downtown Vancouver. What better place to exhibit the prowess of Saxony’s art, culture and booming economy, its sports and the innovative drive of Saxon inventors! The Saxony House is open free to the public, February 12th – 28th, from 12:00pm- 2:00am. There is plenty of low-cost metered parking during the day. Parking is free after 6 pm. Click herefor more information.

Heineken House (Holland)

heineken-houseOpens on Feb 12th: Located near the O Zone in Richmond, the highlight of the Holland Heineken Houseexperience is the main hall, which can host thousands of people every night, and features celebratory medal ceremonies for successful Dutch athletes as well as nightly performances by renowned Dutch artists and DJ’s. The uniquely close relationship that Dutch sport fans have with their heroes – coupled with their penchant for the national colour of orange – makes for a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere during celebrations and performances. More than 100,000 people visited the Holland Heineken House during Winter Games in Turin and 95,000 at the Beijing Olympics. At the last Summer Games, supporters were able to celebrate a total of 16 medals for the Dutch Olympic Team.

There are plans for HH to serve beer to 4,000 people nightly at its Medal Ceremony Hall which is open from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m during the Games. We’re also advised that 400 Dutch bikes will be available for freefor guests to use. On Feb 6th, the Dutch will also be hosting a bike tour through Richmond along all the Olympic sites. If you want to register click here. The Heineken House will be located at Minoru Arenas 7551 Minoru Gate in Richmond. Click here for directions on how to get there.

House of Switzerland

BridgesOpens on Feb 5th: Located on picturesque Granville Island in Vancouver, Bridges Restaurant will play home to the House of Switzerland during the Games. Plans are to dress up the restaurant and their menu in a Swiss theme. We’re told to expect a lot of Swiss athletes there on a nightly basis. If a Swiss athlete wins a medal, they will be taken from BC Place and brought to the pavilion by water taxi that evening. The athletes then plan to hold a media event outside the House of Switzerland as well meet with all the patrons inside.

Pavilion organizers tell us they will have on-hand some of the best Swiss chocolates, wine, cheese for the public to sample. The venue is free to the public and will be officially open from Feb 5th – Feb 28th. The hours of operation starting on Feb 12th will be 8 am to 2 am each day – a full calendar of events is posted here (pdf). Note that public parking will be at a premium and is limited to the west side of the Island only. Metered parking is in effect and will cost around $6 for 2 hours. Consider taking transit there if you can (the Bombardier streetcar station is a pleasant five minute walk). Expect this to be one of the top hot spots in town! Click here for directions on how to get to this destination.

Irish House

doolinsOpens on Feb 9th: The 9,000 square-foot Irish House will house 750 visitors at a time at the temporary site, conveniently located adjacent to Doolin’s Irish Pub in downtown Vancouver. The Irish House site will facilitate Doolin’s trademark ‘Irish family feel’ in ambiance, culture, and music. The Irish House will be a welcoming gathering place with a boisterous traditional Celtic atmosphere.

During the day, the pavilion will feature family-friendly entertainment with music and cultural exhibits. Multiple televisions and projection screens will run highlights of the Games. In the evenings, the true Irish pub culture will come to life, and visitors will experience a party where it will feel like every day is a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Local and international media personalities will be in attendance throughout the two weeks, with familiar names such as Red Robinson, Dave Abbott, Ron Coleman, and Jim Byrnes invited as guest MCs. The official opening on February 11 will kick off with The Most Reverend J. Michael Miller – the Arch-Bishop of Vancouver performing a blessing on the pavilion. A traditional Celtic Standing Stone monument, custom designed and created for the Irish House 2010, will be a featured display piece in pavilion and auctioned off on Saturday February 20. Irish House 2010 will be located at 620 Nelson Street in Vancouver, BC. The hours of operation will be 7 pm-3 am February 8, and noon to 3 am February 9 – 28. The venue is family friendly from noon – 7 pm, then only 19+ permitted 7 pm onwards. has confirmed there will be a $5-20 entrance fee for adults (depending what time of day you arrive) and kids are always free. As with any Irish Pavilion, get ready for a load of fun and entertainment. For more information, call (604) 331-7854 or click here.

Korea House

PyeonchangOpens on Feb 13: The City of Pyeongchang, Korea is trying to successfully do what Vancouver did in 2003. They want to impress the International Olympic Committee in order to win the right to host the 2018Winter Olympic Games. Perhaps that’s why they plan to pull out all the stops with their interactive Korea House pavilion located on the 2nd floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Representatives from Korea House advise that the pavilion will be open to the public every day from 11 am to 6 pm.

The Koreans plan to wow guests with a razzle dazzle high tech show that will highlight Korea’s burgeoning information technology sector. The pavilion will also feature local dancers, artists and cultural performers. According to the Koreans there will be multi-touch tables and an interactive wall installed. A multi-touch table is a digital device that uses a touch screen to enjoy video clips of breathtaking views from Korea’s winter, its athletes and culture. It also allows you to play games. As you move your body, you will see changes on the wide screen. The venue will open on February 13th through Feb 28th. We anticipate the Koreans will do everything they can to impress both the IOC and guests by putting their best foot forward. If you want a map on how to get there, click here.

Laser Waterworks Show

lasershowStarts Feb 12: Join friends or family at False Creek to see the nightly laser light shows which will take place at the LiveCity Yaletown location. A large pipe in False Creek will stream water high into the air providing the backdrop for what will become a vivid backdrop to all the excitement. Across False Creek you will be able to see the Olympic Athlete’s Village. The City of Vancouver says the fireworks and water show will start in the late evening, but they don’t provide a start time. Once we have this, we’ll post it here. For a map showing you how to get to David Lam Park, click here.

LiveCity Downtown

skyline2Opens on Feb 13: This site located at Georgia and Beatty will open during both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and will be Vancouver’s version of a downtown “piazza” with a large outdoor screen, daytime interactive school programming, engaging street entertainment, and late-night entertainment. Additional partners and governmental agencies will bring programs and pavilions to complement the site. The site will be open and programmed throughout the Olympic period commencing the day after the Opening Ceremony and concluding right before the Closing Ceremony (February 13-February 28). Hours of operation: 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. daily – February 28 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. The site will re-open during the Paralympic period (March 12 through March 21) with a mix of on-screen programming, demonstration sport events and entertainment. Both the Canada and Manitoba pavilions will be on-site. For more information about this venue click here.

LiveCity Yaletown

livecity yaletownOpens on Feb 11: LiveCity Yaletown is a family-friendly venue that will feature live local, national, and international entertainment on the main stage in the afternoon and into the night, culminating each evening with a dynamic water and fireworks closing show. Giant screens will show highlights of Olympic Winter Games sport coverage and visitors can enjoy the interactive Olympic sponsor pavilions, Vancouver House, and much more… all for free!

Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., LiveCity Yaletown will be offering exciting educational programs for Vancouver students Grades 6 – 12. The public is welcome to join in!

Friday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., family programming, similar to the weekday educational component, will offer kids the chance to experience the Games in a family friendly environment.The afternoons will feature highlights from the day’s sporting events on the giant screens followed by late afternoon live entertainment and the official medals presentations.

By 8 p.m., the stage will light up with their headlining act with free concerts every night of the Games, followed by a spectacular nightly water and fireworks show looking out onto the water of Vancouver’s picturesque False Creek. Several well-known corporate sponsors will have their public pavilions onsite including Coca Cola, Samsung, Acer and Panasonic. Click here for directions on how to get there. For more detailed information on LiveCity Yaletown click here.

Hours of operation:

  • February 11, 4:30 p.m. – 11 p.m
  • February 12, 11a.m. – 9 p.m
  • February 13– 27, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily
  • February 28, 11:00 a.m. – 9 p.m

Lunar Fest on Granville Street

Lunar Fest on Granville Street
As part of Cultural Olympiad programming, LunarFest is Canada’s premier presenter of contemporary expression in Asian arts and culture. It endeavors to reach new Canadians and those who have been here for many generations to share in the diversity of Canada. It also encourages and fosters the collaboration of Canadian and International cultural presenters to create new forms of artistic expressions. LunarFest is a festival that brings together Soul, Art and Life on one stage.

During Jan 22nd- Feb28th 2010, a Lunar New Year celebration like no other will take over the grounds of Downtown Vancouver with thousands of lanterns decorated by school age children and large commissioned lantern displays. This free public display of lanterns as well as gathering of artisans and cultural performances brings together the celebration of Lunar New Year and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic spirit.

New Westminster

newwestHistoric New Westminster (Western Canada’s oldest incorporated city) is hosting something they are calling Keep the Dream Alive. Join the excitement of the Olympics! Watch Canada bring home the gold at theQueensborough Community Centre. Learn about local Olympic athletes that will be competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Catch the Olympic spirit in New Westminster. For more information on hours of operation, call 604-525-7388.

Friday, February 5th 11:30 – 1pm: Spirit of BC Flag Raising Ceremony at New Westminster Senior Secondary Come celebrate the start of Spirit of BC 2010 One Week Countdown with our Official Flag Raising Ceremony at New Westminster Secondary School. Live music, free hot chocolate and fun activities. Let’s make some countdown noise! FREE!

Friday, February 5th – Spirit of BC Flag Raising at Douglas College. Students and faculty join in the spirit and excitement by raising the Spirit of BC flag at their New Westminster Campus.

Saturday, February 6th 12 pm – 3pm: Spirit of BC WinterFest 2010 at Royal City Centre

Join our fourth annual Spirit of BC WinterFest 2010 at Royal City Centre. Spirit of BC Centre Stage will feature a free concert by the Band of The Royal Westminster Regiment from 1 – 3pm. Merchants at Royal City Centre will be offering “Catch the Countdown Spirit” specials and promotions. Everyone is encouraged to wear Red or Red and White to show your Canadian Pride.

Saturday, February 6th 7:30 – 10:30 pm: Spirit of BC WinterFest 2010 International Village at Royal City Centre

Join New Westminster Spirit of BC as we experience hosting the world in a community setting. Enjoy “Tastes of the World” international cuisine sampling from local restaurants while learning about various countries and cultures. Come dressed in your traditional costumes, the colours of your country of origin, or wear red and white representing Canada! FREE admission but pre-registration to obtain a ticket is required. Limited capacity

Friday, February 12th 4 pm – 8 pm: Spirit of BC hosts the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies Live Broadcast on the Big Screen at the Massey Theatre – Join New Westminster Spirit of BC at Massey Theatre as the countdown continues! Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies Live Broadcast in our community and participate in the excitement as we welcome the world to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Doors open at 4 pm. Special live on-stage performances featuring local talent begin at 5 pm leading into the Opening Ceremonies at 6 pm for the show of a lifetime. Arrive early as seating is limited. Ticket holders must be seated by 5 pm. Tickets required for admission can be obtained in advance at Royal City Centre on Saturday, Feb 6th from 12 – 3 pm at Spirit of BC WinterFest 2010. FREE admission. Donations at the door gratefully accepted.

For more info contact: 604-526-2010 or visit

Nightly Medal Award Ceremony

new stadium.jpgThis is the most inexpensive way to participate in an officialOlympic event. Tickets costs as little as $22 dollars per personand this provides you access to some of North America’s best entertainers as well as the medal winning athletes. Some of theconfirmed bands include Barenaked Ladies, INXS, Nelly Furtado, Hedley, Theory of a Dead Man and many more. The newly renovated BC Place Stadium will play home to this nightly event, in the heart of several other nearby pavilions. If you are taking the Expo Line SkyTrain, get off at the “Stadium” station. You will have to walk about 5 minutes to get there. Clickhere for directions on how to get there. A note for out-of-town visitors, BC Place will undergo a massive renovation after the Games and will have a brand new retractable roof installed (see illustration).

O Zone Richmond

ozone.jpgOpens on Feb 12: 17 days and nights. Exhilarating. Amazing. Once in a lifetime. The O Zone is where you can be part of a real Olympic Games experience, with thousands of your closest friends, cheering on Canada’s athletes, exploring cool stuff, and rocking to some of the hottest young bands in Canada. The O Zone is also the biggest celebration of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, amassed over 60 acres in the heart of Richmond City Centre, just minutes from the new Canada Line Brighouse Station near Richmond City Hall and Minoru Park.

You’ve never seen Richmond like this: mammoth ice art, massive high-definition screen, outdoor skating on real ice, entertainment from around the region and around the world, art, athletes, exhibits, virtual reality (bobsleigh ride anyone?), food and fireworks. Bands like Our lady Peace, Hawksley Workman, Bedouin Soundclash, Toyko Police Club and Wintersleep headline. Theme nights saluting Canada’s diverse cultures and regions from World Beat rhythms and South Asian dance and music to Pan Northern sounds from above the Arctic Circle. There’s something for everyone, and for all ages. Did we mention it’s free?

On site will be the BCLC 2010 Winter Games Dome. This massive 5,000 square foot four-domed tent features interactive sport experiences. The Immersa-Dome® allows visitors to experience, through sight, smell and touch, what it might be like to compete as a member of Canada’s Olympic bobsleigh or Paralympic sit-ski team from the athletes’ perspective. Within the Games Dome, participants can also shoot targets while skiing through the winter woods on a simulated Biathlon course, or test their wrist shot on the Olympic or Paralympic ice hockey rink. As the Official Lottery and Gaming provider to the 2010 Winter Games, BCLC will be offering free daily draws to win one of 10 pairs of Closing Ceremony tickets, available to anyone 19+ who wishes to enter their name, February 12-21.

The O Zone is located just a few kilometres south of downtown Vancouver and a short hop on the Canada Line, starting Friday, February 12 through Sunday, February 28, 2010. Every day. Every night. Check back closer to the dates for a complete line-up of what’s happening and who’s on stage. Click herefor directions on how to get there.

Ontario Pavilion

ontarioOpens on Feb 12th: Located in between BC Place Stadium and Sochi House (Science World), the OntarioPavilion plans to set a new standard in creativity and innovation. dropped by the pavilion on Jan 24th and can confirm they are constructing a special 4D theatre. Once you enter, why not use your brain waves to turn on the lights at the CN tower. Don’t believe us, check out this video. They also plan to feature many other exciting and original exhibits, events and performances; showcase made-in-Ontario products and services; and be technologically state-of-the-art while being supported using environmentally sustainable systems and technologies. The Ontario Pavilion will offer visitors a unique, one-of-a-kind, inspirational experience that will live on in their memories for years to come and reinforce Ontario’s Olympic brand message — “There’s No Place Like This…” If you want to see some exclusive photos of the pavilion under construction click here. If you’re looking for directions on how to get to the pavilion then click here. Hours of operation: 10 am to 2 am daily.

The Ontario Pavilion features Ontario’s brightest talents and are free to the public. Showtimes are 9PM.

  • February12 – Bedouin Soundclash
  • February 13 – Downchild Blues Band
  • February 14 – Keshia Chante
  • February 15 – Swing/Serena Ryder
  • February 16 – Elliott Brood
  • February 17 – The Arkells
  • February 18 – Jully Black
  • February 19 – The Constantines
  • February 20 – Surprise performance announced later
  • February 21 – Great Lake Swimmers
  • February 22 – Alex J. Robinson/The Junction
  • February 23 – Nadjiwan
  • February 24 – Ontario Day at the 2010 Olympic Games. featuring Justin Hines, Damien Robitaille, God Made Me Funky
  • February 25 – The Wooden Sky
  • February 26 – Molly Johnson
  • February 27 – illScarlett
  • February 28 – Crash Parallel

Pan Pacific Pavilion

pan pacific pavilionOpens on Feb 12. The lobby of the the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver (at Canada Place) will be transformed into a stunning 16-day showcase of Aboriginal art, performances, and culture – free to residents and visitors during the upcoming 2010 Games. Organizers tell they want to share the cultural richness, stories and traditions of British Columbia’s Aboriginal people, and promote Aboriginal tourism across British Columbia. The Kla-how-ya will feature traditional dancing, cedar bark weaving, Aboriginal fashions, birch bark chewing, moose hide tufting, jewelry making, carving, storytelling and an opportunity to explore the harvesting of wild herbs for traditional medicines. They have set up a blogwhere you can read all about the various exhibits and entertainment. If you would like to see other First Nations art and culture, you should also visit the Four Host First Nations Pavilion and Canada’s Northern House.

The Pan Pacific is located at the Waterfront terminus station for Skytrain and Canada Line. For a map on how to get there, click here.

Park Royal Winter Carnival

park royal pavilionOpens on Feb 12: It may not be the most flashy venue, but Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver is planning on hosting a special winter pavilion during the Games. They advise they’ve set up a special outdoor skating rink where your family can lace up and enjoy some time on the ice. There are limited skate rentals, so it’s best you bring your own. There will also be live music performances on Friday and Saturday evenings. A large screen displaying the live CTV broadcast of Olympic events will allow you to cheer on your favourite athlete.

A “beverage tent” is also being set up for you to enjoy a beer or glass of wine while you’re watching the Games or listening to the entertainment. The skating canal will be open from noon to 10 pm every day. There is plenty of parking on site, but if you plan to drink, be sure not to drive! The beverage tent will be open from 4 pm to 10 pm and you must be 19+ to enter. Click here for a map on how to get there.

PoCo Zone


Hey PoCo residents, where will you be watching the 2010 Winter Games? Starting with the opening ceremonies on Feb. 12, Port Coquitlam residents can cheer on the action on a big screen at the 2010 PoCo Zone at the Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex at 2150 Wilson Avenue in Port Coquitlam.

As part of the Port Coquitlam’s Spirit Week activities, Olympic events will be playing all day long on a nine-foot screen at the PoCo Zone – the City’s self-proclaimed Live Site – from Feb. 12 to 26. Local individuals and families who want to share in the Olympic spirit with other members of the community are welcome to drop by the PoCo Zone whenever the Rec Complex is open (approximately 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.). Tables and chairs will be set up in the Rec Complex’s spacious lobby, and the concession will be open during peak hours. Admission is free.

PRIDE House Vancouver

Pride House Vancouver

For the very first time in Olympic history there will be LGTB pavilions, one here in Vancouver and another in Whistler. PRIDE House Vancouver is happening at Qmunity, 1170 Bute Street, in the Davie Village. PRIDE House will have on hand friendly ambassadors who know about all that is fabulously queer in Vancouver. PRIDE House will also have on hand immigration and refugee experts with a wealth of knowledge and resources for visitors.

PRIDE House will be that special social welcoming spot for LGTB athletes, family, friends and visitors. PRIDE House Vancouver will be open 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. throughout the Games. There will be fabulous PRIDE House swag available for sale including the most attractive pin out there (only $5, pin traders will want to take note that this is a limited release) as well as t-shirts and jackets.

PRIDE House Vancouver is having its Grand Opening Thursday February 11th at 2:00 p.m. with entertainment, dignitaries, sport excitement and an innovative ribbon cutting ceremony.

Quebec House (Maison du Quebec)

maison-du-quebecOpens on Feb 12: Quebec House (La Maison du Quebec) is located at the Concord Pacific site between Sochi House (Science World) and BC Place in Vancouver, this is anticipated to be one ultra cool venue. The pavilion will show thousands of foreign visitors the distinctiveness of Quebec culture, expertise and tourist attractions. For Quebecers coming to participate in Olympic events in Vancouver, Quebec House will be the place to assemble. Many Quebec artists will perform at the House from the 12th to 28th of February. Hours of operation: Noon to midnight daily.

Click here for map to pavilion. Quebec House is about a five-minute walk from the Main Street Skytrain station.

Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion

olympic medalsOpens on Feb 12th: Are you curious about how all those Olympic medals are made? Are you collecting all of those special edition 2010 Olympic quarters that are now in circulation? If you answered yes to either of those questions, chances are you may want to drop by the official 2010 Royal Canadian Mint pavilion located at 500 Granville Street (at Pender) in downtown Vancouver. The Mint is the official supplier of medals for the Olympic Games and will have some of them on display for the public to view. You can also see the Mint’s world-famous dollar gold coin and other gold products. There is also a special children’s activities section located on the 1st floor (open 9:30 – 6 pm daily). If you mention “” at the Pavilion Boutique you get 10% off all purchases.The venue is open to the public from February 12th through 28th. The hours of operation are 9 am to 10 pm daily. For directions on how to get there, click here.

Russian Tall Ship

russiantallship.jpgIf you see a big Russian tall ship floating in Burrard Inlet during the Games, it’s all part of the festivities surrounding the Olympics. On Feb 10th the four-masted sailing ship Kruzenshtern will call Vancouver home as part of a promotion of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. The ship will be accessible at North Vancouver’s Burrard Dry Dock several days a week as well as for private sailings. The Russian President is expected to pay a visit as well as other senior Russian dignitaries. We anticipate the public component of this venue will be free, however, we will post that information once we have that confirmed. The dock is located east of the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. The best way to access it is via the SeaBus link across Burrard Inlet between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. For directions on how to get there, click here.

Saskatchewan Pavilion

Saskatchewan PavilionOpens on Feb 12: Located in between BC Place Stadium and Sochi House (Science World) in Vancouver, this free pavilionwill consist of two structures. One will house a business centre, the other an entertainment venue featuring Saskatchewanentertainment and food. There will also be a pavilion at Whistler during the Paralympics. Through these venues, people from Canada, and around the world, will be able to learn about Saskatchewan business opportunities, vacation destinations, immigration and quality of life. Click here for a map to the pavilion. See this promotional video for more information. also some photos of the pavilion under construction here. Hours of operation have not been made available to the public yet.

Scandanavia House

Scandanavia HouseOpens on Feb 12: Located in the heart of Burnaby, theScandanavian Community Centre is inviting the public to join them in their celebration of the 2010 Olympic Games. Stefan Wallin, Finland’s Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth will be on hand to officially open “Scandinavia House”, the 2010 games hub for Scandinavians, Canadians and visitors alike on February 12th.

The Scandinavian Community Centre will be a games live site from February 12 – 28th, 9 am to midnight, for event viewing, daily programs, special guest visits and seminar speakers including former athletes. Several big screen TVs have been installed to televise local CTV Olympic programming as well as European real-time streaming broadcasts provided by Finnish broadcaster YLE. The public is invited to watch the games at the centre. Entry is free. This is the only venue of its kind that we know of in the Burnaby region. For directions on how to get there, click here.

Sochi House (Russia)

sochihouse.jpgOpens on Feb 11: The Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver will be a significant milestone for the Sochi 2014 program, since it is in Vancouver that Russia’s Sochi will officially take over and become the focus of the next Winter Olympic Games. Unprecedented in its scale, the World, Russky Dom project will be the only official location for the Russian delegation in Vancouver.

The doors to Sochi World will be open from February 11- 28 for everyone who wants to become a part of the big Russian celebration at the Vancouver 2010 Games. It will bring together well-known athletes, eager fans and officials from around the world.

Every day from 12 pm to 5 pm, activities for Sochi World guests will include: meetings with Russia’s celebrated athletes, as well as autograph signing and photo sessions, entertainment programs, contests, excursions and official project participant and Games Partner events.

The venue is free, however, Sochi 2014′s website states the following regarding admission requirements:

In order to take part in the Sochi World activities, visitors must obtain accreditation (permanent access) or day-passes (single-use access). Day-passes are available at the information desk or at the Accreditation Center at the entrance. For Russian fans, entry passes will be created upon presentation of a Russian passport.

Guests of Sochi World will be able to get to know a new, modern Russia, where innovation is balanced with tradition: exhibition halls and informational booths will introduce everyone to the city and country that will host the Sochi 2014 Games. The cultural program, legendary Russian cuisine, performances by famous Russian and Canadian artists and, of course, the guests themselves will all help to create an unforgettable, truly Russian festive atmosphere.

In the Omnimax theater, guests will be able to watch sports-themed domestic films and cartoons—the masterpieces of Russian cinema (with English subtitles). Additionally, on the days of ice hockey competitions, retrospective screenings of ice hockey matches between Russia and Canada will be held in the theater.

On hockey competition days (February 21, 26 and 28, 2010) the Sochi World day program will also include: A Table Hockey Tournament; Games with famous hockey players (for example, «Score a Goal Past Tretyak» and «Best Scorer» with Pavel Bure and others); Autograph signings and photo sessions with the stars of Russian and Soviet hockey; Chant and dance contests among fan groups. In the evenings, guests can enjoy unforgettable performances and jointly celebrate the Olympic victories of our athletes.

Click here for directions on how to get there. Sounds like this is truly going to be one hopping place!

Surrey 2010 Celebration Zone

surrey-celebrationOpens on Feb 12: The Surrey 2010 Celebration Zoneat Holland Park is promising two fun filled weeks of excitement and activity for the whole family! The sliding zone, skating rink and curling zone will be a great way to take in some classic Olympic sports and winter activities. Step into the future with Simon Fraser University’s cutting edge Interactive Digital Media display, explore your creativity in their Kids World craft tent or cozy up in the Storytelling tent brought to you by Surrey Libraries. The RCMP Musical Ride will be performing shows daily, as well as other classic Canadian entertainment.

Evening performances at Surrey’s Celebration Zone include Blue Rodeo (Feb 12th) and The Sam Roberts Band (Feb 19th). The activities are abundant so bring your energy and enthusiasm to the Festival Activity Zone and prepare for an experience of Olympic proportions! Hours of operation vary by day. Click herefor a complete schedule of events.

USA House

stephen colbert skatingThe USA House will be located at the corner of Seymour & Nelson, just steps from Irish House. Unlike the other venues we understand that USA House will not be open to the public, but will reportedly have a “Team USA” store. We felt that US nationals visiting Vancouver would like to know the location.

No confirmation on whether Stephen Colbert will be passing thru, but he might consider it safehaven on this side of the 49th parallel.

The first floor will feature a registration area, the Team USA store and a media work area. The second and third floors will feature open spaces where visitors can watch events and where USOC staff offices will be located. It will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Fans of Team USA can subcribe herefor updates. More info on USA Olympics venues is provided by blogger 2010VanFan.

Ukraine House

Ukraine 2010Opens on Feb 12th: Official home of Ukraine’s Olympic team for the 2010 Winter Olympics is being run jointly by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Embassy of Ukraine in Canada and Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Ukraine House will be officially opened on February 11th, 2010 and will be open to the public from February 12th through to the 28th. Located at the Ukrainian Catholic Centre at 3150 Ash Street in Vancouver, BC. The centre is just one block west of Cambie Village, and about 10 minutes walk from the Broadway/City Hall Canada Line station [MAP].


valleyfest Opens on Feb 12th: Located on the beautiful North Shore Mountains, the District of North Vancouver will be ground zero for a special community celebration during the Games. ValleyFest is a 17 day event taking place in Lynn Valley and will feature live entertainment, childrens activities as well as a large screen TV broadcasting various sporting events. Join a 3 on 3 ball hockey game, try “kurling” or participate in their outdoor playground and cafe. Explore the history of sport and heritage at the Discovery Zone interpretive centre. You also shouldn’t miss the Olympic Torch as it makes it way through town on Feb 10. Local organizers assure this will be a family-friendly venue that will be fun for all ages. The venue is free and will be programmed between Feb 12-28th. All events are taking place in Lynn Valley Village Square. It is beside the library and completely accessible by bus. For more information about ValleyFest click here. For directions on how go get there, click here.

Vancouver “Streets to Watch”

robsonThere will basically be four main thoroughfares in the downtown core which will have festive programming on a daily basis. These includeRobson Street, Hamilton, Street, Mainland Street and Granville Street. With the exception of Robson Street (which will be closed east of Jervis street only) all the streets will be closed to vehicular traffic. Expect tens of thousands of people to be walking up and down here every night enjoying the atmosphere.

Vancouver City Hall

vancouverhallOpen Now: You can expect that Vancouver City Hall at 12th Avenue & Cambie Street will become a hub of activity during the 2010 Games. A parade of dignitaries will be making their way in and out of the Mayor’s office. This is also the site of the 1952 Oslo Flag which isencased in glass on the main floor of the building just as you enter. Once the Games are over, the flag will be placed back in its special case and delivered to the Mayor of Sochi, Russia, host of the 2014 Winter Games. Nightly light displays take place after dark at the top of the hour on outside of City Hall. The show is called Ice Light byGunda Forster.

Vancouver House (LiveCity Yaletown)

yaletown-buildingsOpens on Feb 12th: The City’s home during the 2010 Winter Games, Vancouver House is designed to tell the story of Vancouver’s new business brand ‘Vancouver Green Capital’.

Visitors will understand the meaning of Vancouver Green Capital and meet the people from all walks of life and all areas of business who bring it to life. They will understand that Vancouver Green Capital is a logical extension of Vancouver’s past successes, a meaningful and authentic position for the city given both its geographic nature and its human nature.

Visitors will also understand that a business can be green not just economically – in the way it makes money – or environmentally, in the way it produces a product, but also socially, in the way it affects people and creates wellness.

People will leave Vancouver House understanding why Vancouver is a magnet for sophisticated human capital and why it is an idea capital where people are thinking, planning and bringing to life the economic future of the city. In short, Vancouver Green Capital is a business story and also a human story.

Vancouver House will be located at LiveCity Yaletown.

Vectorial Elevation (English Bay)

Vectorial ElevationStarts Feb 12: More than two million people are expected toview the Vectorial Elevation Light Display installation in personin Metro Vancouver. The English Bay display of lights runs from dusk to dawn until February 28, 2010. Visitors to can design how the lights will move, their angles and how they are clustered in timed sequences to create their own patterns for the world to see. A personalized webpage will be automatically created for each participant to document their design. Organizers estimate 130,000 different patterns will be created in the 24 days the project operates. Why not design your own light show in the sky? Click here for directions to Sunset Beach or click here for directions to Kits Beach.

West Vancouver Spirit Square

wv-spirit-squareOpens on Feb 12: Over the course of the 17 days of the Olympics West Vancouver, a Venue City, will activate their Spirit Square at the West Vancouver Community Centre. Discover your inner explorer and soar into the cosmos with the Canadian Space Agency. This rare experience provides a fun and interactive learning experience for everyone. Enjoy your self–guided tour of a scale model of the International Space Station and gain a sense of what it’s like to live, work and play sports in space. Models of Canadarm2 and Dextre will be there for all ages to enjoy. Evenings will come alive with an array of national and local talent, from rock to pop to classical performances in the Atrium. Celebrations at West Vancouver’s Spirit Square will showcase the unique character of the West Vancouver community featuring live performances, visual artistry, traditional and contemporary music.

West Vancouver Spirit Square will be operational from February 12th to February 28th, and hours will be Sunday to Thurs: 9 am – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday: 9 am – 11:30 pm.

There will be a lot to see so check here for more programming details. Click here for directions on how to get there.

Whistler Round-up

whistler_villageWhistler Live! is where the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games come to life with an energetic fusion of sport, art and entertainment. For 27 days, Whistler’s wintery pedestrian village will pulsate from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m against the spectacular backdrop of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. A diverse range of free and unique Whistler Live! experiences offer a dazzling taste of Whistler’s iconic mountain culture. Cheer on the athletes during CTV sport broadcasts; be moved by medals presentations; take in daily après concerts; enjoy film and photography; hear legendary tales and listen to DJs light up the nightly Fire & Ice Remix. Experience Canada’s Games in the heart of Whistler Village.

The Whistler Live! experience comes alive through a network of integrated and interactive sites stretching from Whistler Medals Plaza to the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Welcoming and accessible, Whistler Live! is designed for wandering, exploring and discovering.

Whistler Medals Plaza is where the global community recognizes the world’s best! Nightly Victory Ceremonies celebrate athletic talent, dedication and teamwork followed by spectacular music and dazzling performances. Here, Whistler hosts the Paralympic Closing Ceremony which will wrap Whistler in celebration.

Town Plaza celebrates Whistler’s home-grown music and arts scene. Visual artists create their works live and musicians play acoustic sets guaranteed to make you move. The OMEGA Bobsled completes the picture perfect moment, while the family-friendly weekends are filled with Fun and the Games.

Village Common is your backstage pass to Whistler Live!, documenting the moments and plugging into everything Whistler Live!. In this open production studio housing the screens and cameras that connect the community on Village Stroll, our hosts interview athletes fresh from the slopes and the artists gracing the stages. Stop by and be a part of the story.

Village Square epitomizes the après action Whistler is famous for! As the heart of Whistler Live!, this venue pumps the stroll with the energy and passion of the Games. After showcasing the best in Olympic competition, national and international bands rock the stage until the sun goes down. Step outside, because your living room is definitely no comparison to Village Square.

CTV Mountain Square is where Whistler is woven into the Games story. From their outdoor studio, CTV hosts Jennifer Hedger and Michael Landsberg broadcast live to Canadians 22 hours a day.

Fire & Ice Remix at Skiers Plaza closes each night with an on-mountain snow show of huge air, fire dancers and BIG DJ sound! This sensory overload paints the mountain, lights the skies, pumps the adrenaline and shakes the ground. Experience the Remix.

Storytelling at Blackcomb Bridge hosted by the Whistler Real Estate Association.When the sun sets behind the mountains, gather to hear legends, myths and tales from the Sea to Sky region and beyond. Tucked into a magnificent but intimate setting, this is the place to discover Whistler’s history and culture, surrounded by trees, snow, and the warm glow of a winter fire.

Whistler Live! ArtWalk brings the works of regional artists to Whistler Village, the Upper Village and Creekside throughout the 2010 Winter Games. This free walking tour showcases the incredible talent of over 60 Sea-to-Sky Corridor artists and artisans in 44 host galleries. The interpretation of our local landscapes and animals adorn the walls of shops and cafes. Edgy ceramics are displayed in hotel lobbies and office spaces. Abstract and contemporary pieces add colour and intrigue to restaurants and spas.

Several special pavilions will also be open to the public in the Whistler area. They include Austria House(located near Lost Lake) which will be open to the public from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Norway House (located in MY Place) will be open to the public for morning waffles. Swiss House is located at the Mountain Club in Town Plaza. We’re not sure of hours of operation for this pavilion but we know it will be open to the public and feature Swiss cuisine. Rounding out the list is Slovenia House, which will be located at the Mountain Club in the Westin Hotel. This pavilion has limited public access, so drop by and inquire.

WinterFest at Lonsdale

LonsdaleQuay.jpgOpens on Feb 12th: A 17 day WinterFest celebration is planned for Lonsdale Quay (across Burrard Inlet), a popular tourist destination situated on the waterfront in North Vancouver. Organizers tell they are planning numerous concerts, face painting, live cultural and street performances and much much more. A large screen on site will broadcast CTV’s live Olympic coverage. Kid’s activities feature a newly renovated ballroom and animated play area with games and rides open daily from 9am – 9pm. Face painting and the ever-popular ‘Q’ balloons will be offered daily from 11am – 4pm.

Special guest appearances from costumed Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter as well as BC Parks Jerry the Moose and a Ranger. If you like live music and entertainment and want to have loads of fun, be sure to drop by during the Games! The best way to get there from Vancouver is TransLink’s SeaBus service between downtown and Lonsdale Quay. Some of the street performers include Miss Molotov, Fire Performer and Piper McKenzie. For a full schedule of events and hours of operations, click here. For directions on how to get there, click here.

Ziptrek Vancouver (Robson Square)

ziptrek-robsonOpens on Feb 12th: Come and be dazzled at Ziptrek’s latest venture. Perched above the law courts at Robson Square, you will be provided the opportunity to zip over 170 metres (550′) across Robson Street. Guests will zip high above the crowds an exhilarating six stories over Vancouver’s iconic downtown core! See photos of the site posted on Ziptrek’s website, or click the photo for a larger view.

This unique endeavor will provide visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill and exhilaration of ziplining – brought to prominence in North America by Ziptrek’s flagship operation in Whistler. Switching the traditional backdrop of old growth forest, to cityscape, should prove to be an amazing and rare experience. Not to mention the fact it will be taking place at one of the key hubs of Olympic activity! This once-in-a-lifetime experience happens during the Olympics, and best of all it’s free! The zipline will start operation on Feb 12th and run through Feb 28th. The hours of operation are 10:00 am – 9:00 pm daily. Bring your camera and expect the line-ups to be around the corner!

We’re also aware that CTV News (official Olympic broadcast network) will be broadcasting their newscast live every evening 11 pm – 12 pm from Robson Street (beside their HQ). Hosts Bill Good and Pamela Martin will be on-hand nightly. In addition, Global TV will be broadcasting their newscasts from the rooftop of the Concord Pacific presentation centre. CBC News will be opening up their new downtown studios to the public every evening. They are located right across from LiveCity Downwown on Georgia Street.

For complete visitor information in Vancouver, visit, or yougottabehere.comfor BC Tourism information.

Branda Lee has 4 lists of concert listings and various shows that will be hosted during the Winter Games. Her detailed information includes time, location, cost and artists playing at various Cultural Olympiad sites and other official venues around Vancouver. She is also sharing iCal calendars…

If you are aware of a free or low-cost Olympic community related event happening somewhere in Metro Vancouver, please drop us a line at Scales@VancouverAccess2010(dot)com and we’ll consider adding it to our growing list. Please include as much information about the event as possible. We hope you enjoy everything the Games has to offer Metro Vancouver and please consider sending a send a link of this page to your friends, family and colleagues. Help us to spread the word!!

We would like to thank the fine folks at for building the foundation on this work and allowing us to cross post this venue list. Visit their updated list.

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The Holland “Heineken” House at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Holland “Heineken” House at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

What a party.. walk with me in the Holland house for what could be one of the best party here in Beijing!

Open every night until 2am..
Live music and lots of Orange!
Amazing beautiful people and always loads of fun.. If you’re looking for me after midnight, you know where I’ll be!

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