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Beijing 2008 Social Media Backpack

Beijing 2008 Social Media Backpack

Citizens On the Ground

Scales on the go by KK

Raincity Studios Sino-Away-Squad of Scales and KK, are on the ground in Beijing to cover and participate in the Olympic experience as citizen journalism, technology experts, social pundits and cultural ambassadors.

The Glimmer Twins’ tasks are diverse and their methods varied so here’s a preview:

  • participating in the 9th International Symposium on Olympic Studies, in Beijing, August 5-7 with Olympic scholar Dr. Andy Miah’s
  • documenting the scene for crowd-sourced new site: Now Public, Vancouver radio station: Crave 95, and BBC Interactive – among other media outlets
  • KK on the go

  • shooting Creative Commons licensed photos delivered via Flickr
  • extolling about the new, improved Bryght web community hosting product – available in free, cheap or fancy varieties
  • meeting up with prospective clients to extol Raincity Studios’ status as an approved weblog vendor for Vancouver/Whistler 2010
  • cheering for Team Canada at the Archery, Fencing, Women’s Softball, BMX and more summer games sports
  • spreading international goodwill in the fun-loving/hard-working style they honed whilst at the Torino 2008 Winter Games.

Get Friendly

Follow along with their content via your RSS feeder, Facebook or whatever you prefer … or, if you are in Beijing, track Scales/Krug down for a photo walk, meetup, excursion, interview, geekout or just a tasty beverage. Leave a comment to or message via the arsenal of communication funnels at their disposal.

Scales’ coverage:

KK’s collections:

Pathway: Critiques and Discourse In Olympic Research

Chinese Theme and Version

Meanwhile, back in the tubes, … we are playing along with a Chinese
styled blog theme to celebrate the Games – birdsnest and everything.

Also worth reminding you that Raincity Studios’ site is
available in Mandarin
Chinese readers. Even if you don’t read Chinese, you gotta say the site looks
really cool in kanji ;-) .

Also, the new improved Bryght hosting platform is available in Chinese for your international-minded web community hosting projects.

Approved Olympic Weblogs

In case you didn’t happen to know … Raincity Studios is an approved weblog vendor for Vancouver/Whistler 2010:

“Along with the good people at Raincity Studios, Bryght has been successfully passed an RFQ process to provide weblog services to the BC Olympic Games Secretariat.

We want to work with teams, countries, athletes, non-profits, and businesses who are preparing for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and want to take advantage of emerging internet technologies.

We can help you get online, start blogging, podcasting, posting video, sharing images, building a community and sharing your news and messages with a global audience hungry for information about the 2010 Games.

We’re experts in syndication, aggregation, web development, community development, search, microcontent, blogging, online publishing, Drupal, PHP, CSS, ecommerce, content management and hosting.

We have an experienced network of partner companies who have also been approved as Olympic vendors who we work with to offer comprehensive integrated marketing and communication campaigns from your browser or mobile phone at the front end to the web server at the back end as well as normal, real world marketing and communications.”

Have a Luge team needing a communication platform? Maybe a site to keep athlete’s and families in-touch? An interactive training diary for your entire team? We’d be pleased to help.

No matter your idea, Raincity Studios is ready to deliver a top-notch performance. Contact Raincity Studios to begin the conversation.

Bonus: Archive & Related

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scales - who has written 40 posts on Vancouver Access 2010.

Robert Scales is the founder and former CEO of Raincity Studios, an award-winning, Internationally acclaimed web development and marketing agency. He is an advocate of Social Media and has been an Olympic fan since he was 4 years old, when the 1976 Summer Games came to Montreal... As a gonzo journalist, Scales has covered events including the Olympic games in Turino and Beijing, the Dalai Lama's visit to Vancouver and rock bands and tech luminaries at SXSW. Beside the various social media channels, his reportage appeared in MSM outlets as diverse as the BBC, 21st Century Herald (Shanghai), and Warsaw Daily. Winner of a 2006 Canadian New Media Award, Robert also teaches at Vancouver Film School and is an advisor on various Boards. He participated in the Canada World Youth cultural exchange program as well as various social change workshops and training programs. He frequently presents at (un)conferences around the world about open source tech, business and Olympic culture. Robert is accredited by the British Columbia International Media Centre (BCIMC) and he will be covering various events during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

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