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Win Tickets to the Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Robert Scales of VancouverAccess2010.com recently approached me to see if I could help run a contest to give away his tickets to the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony. Wanting to do more than simply hold a draw, Robert had the fantastic idea to also raise funds for the BC Wheelchair Sports Association.

We only have about 10 hours to run this contest in order to get the tickets to the winner on time so here’s how it will work:

It’s pretty much a win-win situation. A cause is supported, you learn more about the upcoming Paralympics coverage on VancouverAccess2010.com, (& Miss604.com) and someone gets to attend the Opening Ceremony with a friend — for $10.

The ceremony will not be televised live as CTV will be taping it and airing it on Saturday March 13th.

The contest will close at 12:00am March 12th (that’s midnight tonight) and I will notify the winner by the email they supply on the donation page. 100% of the donations will go directly to the BC Wheelchair Sports Association as they are registered with CanadaHelps.

Thank you and I hope everyone really enjoys the excitement and amazing athletic performances of the Paralympic Games.

All donations of at least $10 are contest entries and must be received through the online donation page. The winner will need to arrange to collect their tickets from Robert tomorrow, Friday March 12th, 2010. Two tickets will be awarded, valued at $370 for the pair.

*Cross-posted from Miss604.com

>>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE AT 12:00 AM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Due to server issues at CanadaHelps, we are pushing the deadline until 8AM…

In the case that the servers are still being down by then we will assign tickets alternatively.

Just in case, feel free to leave comments with your intent to make a $10 donation to the BC Wheelchair Sports Association when the system goes back up… (We’ll use the good old honor system, since this is for a good cause..)

Make sure to email CanadaHelps with your best polite complaints…

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The Olympic Storm Hits Vancouver

For the past years, people from Canada and the world have been anticipating the 2010 Winter Games.

While the IOC and VANOC busted their buns around the clock getting ready to host the party, the rest of us continued with our daily lives. Meanwhile an army of athletes, volunteers, and officials are dedicating their lives to ensure that the spirit of the Olympics, the competitions and hosting the world largest cultural celebrations are successful for everyone (Especially their sponsors…).

I feel both a sense of satisfaction and sadness as I am living, experiencing these games. This has been something that I have been looking forward to for a long time and now it is here. What’s next on my Olympic journey?

Over 80 nations are competing in our city until February 28th. 2500 Athletes inspiring us and demonstrating what dedicated, hard working humans can achieve.

People from all over the world are walking these BC Streets, enjoy the various free venues and taking in the Winter Games Celebrations.

February 14th – aka Valentine Day

Today is Valentine Day, at the Swiss House they are doing chocolate fondue. On Robson square and in Richmond at the Ozone, they are celebrating BC Day, In Chinatown, a 3000 years old + culture is celebrating Chinese New Year..

Where where you for the Opening Ceremonies?

Having already seen the Opening Ceremony Dressed Rehearsal on February 10th, I opted to hang out with friends at a local pub and watch the actual opening ceremonies on the screen. I eventually made my way to the OZone in Richmond and ended my night at the Holland Heineken House..

Recap of Day Two

Saturday was a great first day of competition; I went to the 5000m Speed skating Medal Event at the Oval in Richmond, I was lucky enough to have front row seats in the dutch National team section and watch Sven Kramer break the Olympic Record and win the Gold Medal.

After a much needed nap and some tasty Japanese food at Modern Club Teppaniaki Restaurant, we return to the Holland Heineken House for the evening celebrations and attend Sven press conference with the dutch media.. (We are Accredited with the Holland Heineken House and will be covering various events there over the next few weeks)

I used Ustream to webcast his interview (in Dutch) from the Holland house…

Reflection on these past few days?

Despite the tragic event of Friday morning and the lost of the Olympian Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. Despite the violent actions of protesters abusing their freedom of speech rights. Despite Canada not wining its first Gold (congrats Jen for winning the Silver, our first medal of the XXI Olympics for Canada!)

I would say that Vancouver/Whistler, BC and Canada are off to a good start hosting these games.

Photo credits Mariska Richters and John Beihler (Van Access team)

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BC Stadium Place – Opening & Closing Ceremonies

BC Place – The Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games will be held in BC Place Stadium in downtown Vancouver.

This will also be the site for nightly Victory Ceremonies presentations.

BC Place Stadium – will seat approximately 55,000 spectators for the Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies and features the largest air-supported stadium roof in North America. The enclosed venue offers many advantages in addition to protection from winter weather, including an unprecedented opportunity to stretch the boundaries of ceremonies’ spectacle using state-of-the-art lighting, projection, sound and special effects technology.

Gates open 4 hours prior to the ceremonies & People will be let in 2 hours prior to the event.

Map powered by MapPress

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