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High-Flying Canadian Snowboarder Crispin Lipscomb ~ Olympic Outsider podcast #9

Recorded at the post-Turin Olympic flag tour in May 2006 at Vancouver Art Gallery Robson Square, top-placing Canadian half-pipe snowboarder Crispin Lipscomb talks about his Olympic experience, pre-race rituals and 2010 plans – plus offers insight into the Whistler lifestyle, future of the sport, and how to help young boarders.

Download: High-Flying Canadian Snowboarder Crispin Lipscomb
Olympic Outsider podcast #9 (.mp3, 8MB, 9:53)

crispin lipscomb

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Hockey Tournament Wrap-up w/ Dave and Dan ~ Olympic Outsider podcast #6

Host Dave Thorvald with Dan Funboy wrap up the Men’s and Women’s hockey tournaments from Torino 2006 in this enhanced podcast with pictures. Topics include team leadership, puck possession, tactical strategies, tournament surprise teams, and a bit of looking ahead to 2010.

Download: Hockey Tournament Wrap-up with Dave and Dan
Olympic Outsider podcast #6 (25:46, 15MB, .mp3)

Photo by Scales via Flickr, arted up by author

Alt version: Olympic Outsider Episode 6 – Hockey Tournament Wrap-up (m4a)

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Canadian choke on Swiss Cheese ~ In-game hockey notes Canada vs. Switzerland

Switzerland coming off a huge win versus Czech Republic while Canada has been clipping along nicely withs comfy wins versus Italy and Germany.

The Swiss start goalie Gerber over Aebisher but no let down in play early as Gerber (wearing his NHL Carolina Hurricanes mask) is playing out of his mind.

Broduer looks a bit tired and unsteady and is coming out of his net a little *too* much for my liking but doing his soft goalie hands routine with some long lead passes and even getting passes back from the D (which isn’t my favorite play).

Bertuzzi had an apparent goal disallowed when the play had been whistled down since he was in the crease.  Sakic, Iginla and Bert are playing OK but not as dominant as recent games and overthinking the plays a bit.  Bert’s positional play and passing looks very good and he buried one guy into the boards.

In general, Canada is getting most of their chances right in front of the goal but the Swiss are collapsing down low and gobbling up loose pucks – especially on their 6 unsuccessful power plays.

St. Louis and Nash are stepping up their play.  Smyth, Doan, and Draper need to demonstrate why they are on this team with some inspiried energic play  – this is tough with a penatly filled period including a 5-3 which resulted in the second Dipietro goal for the Swiss.  Lecavalier isn’t real assertive and looks a bit out of sync however Richards impresses me with his excellent passing and vision.

Nash was robbed by Gerber (and the replay judges to some degree).  He ripped a shot from right side and Gerber (the guy has ESP today) came across and grabbed the puck out of the air.  The momentum of the puck carried his glove into the net but the replay was inconclusive – circumstantial evidence only since you couldn’t clearly see thepuck over the line.  Bummer, but Canada shouldn’t be dependant on shaky goals and should be up by a couple by now but Gerber is playing awesome and Canada is not making sharp decisions.  The Swiss are hustling and supporting each other while the Canadians have been getting out of position when they try to land big hits.

In the third period, … Canada needs to step back to the hash marks to shoot and bring the game away from the boards and into the middle and going to have to possess the puck for the third period or else they will go down in flames.

Are we seeing history?  Swiss has never beat Canada in Olympics and this Games hasn’t been short on upsets.  The Swiss are led by Mark Streit and Dipietro – two players with Montreal Canadiens ties.  Great play and sporting spirit by the mostly Swiss (and Swedish) Elite league players.

The third period sees Canada pummel the net but to no avail – another almost goal when Joe Thorton curled it right onto the goal-line thorugh Gerber pads and his d-man tucked it back into the his equipment.

The 3rd period is another penalty fest with calls (some rather weak) going both ways including Vinny taking 2 + a 10 minute misconduct for boarding and complained on his way to the box.  He might sit next game if we have another player eligible to play.

More hectic play by the Canadians down the stretch but the team play of the Swiss and the insane goaltending of Gerber carried the day.

Just when Switzerland thought they had had the biggest day of their hockey history after beating the Czechs, they come back with another goalie and beat a tired and disappointed Canadian squad.  Crazy times – all bets are off!

Another Canadian ex-pat Dipietro, along with Gerber of course (about 45 saves i think) was the star.  Really a good game which makes the loss sting a little less.  Canada should be proud too of Canucks-abroad working as coaches and GMs and building the sport world-wide.  The Swiss love hockey and, after seeing the young Swiss squad play fast, inspired hockey versus Canada at the World Juniors, things look bright for Switzerland now and in the future.

One more note:  Has there ever been more pounds out on the ice for a team in the history of hockey than when Canada iced Nash, Bertuzzi, Thornton, Pronger and Blake?  That is a lot of hockeyplayer.

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Day Seven Heaven ~ Olympic Notebook for Feb. 17th

Day Seven and I am in Heaven, How about you?

A few quick notes after busy day of attending the RainCity / Bryght-sponsored Symposium at Vancouver‘s Take 5 coffeeshop.

The event linked up the Torino street-maniacs Krug, Scales and (the not sooo maniacal) Bman at the BC lodge in Turin, Italy.  Participants on the Western hemisphere included Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati, plus photo-machine Roland Tanglao, boy-wonder Will Pate, very public Michael Tippet, photo queen Spiral Goddess, my buddy Bread and many more.

Live Simulcast

After a few technical foibles due to the restrictive network policies in Italy, we “go’ed with the flow” and had a good discussion about new media coverage and the Olympic coverage and what all that means.  Ross shared candid comments about the Canadian sports program, the challenges of being an elite athlete, his ways and means and plans for 2010.

Roland, Ross, Dave, Will

I enjoyed a fancy and free coffee (with Bailey’s mmm) and had a great talk with the esteemed (and comfortably infamous) Gold Medalist Mr. Rebagliatti – podcast coming soon with topics including the drug testing incident and hemp culture in Japan besides his training regiment, life plans, real estate skills and hobbies.

Ross and Dave exchange autographs

Medal Haul Continues

In case you didn’t notice, with 3 more medals today (see below), Canada is tied for 2nd with Russia and Germany for total medal count.  With 1 Gold but plenty of others, Norway leads the way.  The USA, despite some high profile wins, sits in 5th.

Here is a screenshot for posterity – Day 7 and looking good, with more on the way!
CBC medal count
By the way, with 3 Golds and only 1.33 million people, Estonia is likely your top winter Olympic country.  Norway, with 13 medals (1 Gold) and 4.5 million folks is the  probable mathematical winner – thanks to Dan Funboy for research notes.

Sliding Away Quickly

Duff Gibson (superhero name for sure) became Canada’s oldest medalist (39 years old IIRC), with a Gold in Skeleton.  Another Canadian Skelathlete, Jeff Pain (good pro-wrestler name) finished with Silver and the Swiss slider ruined the Canadian sweep as Paul Boehm finished 4th.  See a new sport Canada is good at, just like wrote yesterday – so yes, i will take ALL the credit ;-)

Snowboard Supercross

See another new sport, another medal (see I told you).  This time a Bronze in a brand-new sport, Women’s Snowboard Cross won by Quebec’s Dominique Maltais in a rough and tumble event featuring lots of crashes on a challenging course.

Crossing the Gap in Women’s hockey

This is huge!  and tremendously exciting as Sweden survived a USA team with strong goaltending and some puck luck.  It took a shootout to decide the contest which the USA led until the third when they failed to capitalize on many chances and Sweden scored a sweet one to tie.

Overtime saw end to end rushes with numerous battles as the energy-depleted players skated with maximum effort.  USA wasn’t able to score on a late Power play and, even got a bonus shot in the shootout when the Swedish goalies was judged to have moved before the puck, couldn’t put one in.  Sweden made it secure with 2 nice goals – that being said both goalies made nice saves but players were perhaps guilty of trying one-too-many dekes.

So, after thick-headed, sports-talk-radio types ranting on about Women’s hockey’s lack of legitimacy because of the disparity between the two powerhouse teams and the rest of the countries, this year (note: the third Olympics since this sport joined) the top 2 will be different.  Here’s to Piper, Sunohara and the rest of the Canadian Women going for Gold!

Cherry Agrees with Me on Moore

So Don Cherry stirred up a bit of controversy (as is his custom) by expressing  sentiments about Steve Moore’s poor timing on lawsuit.  I agree and feel Moore’s suit is *still* out of jurisdiction and frankly, his whack-a-mole civil lawsuit strategy is embarrassing to him and his family – his money-sniffing legal advisor(s) should be ashamed.

It is one thing to file a lawsuit (and no i don’t condone Bertuzzi’s actions in the incident), but it is another thing to file repeated frivolous lawsuits naming numerous defendants from a “crime” which has been tried, convicted and penalty served.  Steve, take your insurance settlement and find a new dream.  Peace.

Hasek Czechs Out

Indeed Dominik’s groin, or hamstring, or something gave out so ‘no go’ for the ’98 Olympic hero.  Tomas Vokoun is a fine goalie but does not have the big game mystique and intimidation, not to mention the raw competitiveness, that Gumby brings.

I am curious to the see the fall-out from the Senator’s GM (and other NHL GMs for that matter), if Hasek’s injury prevents him from playing the stretch or playoffs for the NHL club.  Elias is out too as his injury bug woes continues – good news is this time the injury is an ankle, not a recurrence of hepatitis A -  Kotalik from NHL Sabres takes his place in the line-up.

Despite the setbacks, the Czech team is far from a long-shot, still boasting a stocked roster who may find these injuries as a rallying point – especially after the loss to the Swiss.

By the way, I want to see the Czechs and Slovaks match up in the cross-over.

Key an Eye on …

- Herman Meier the Hermanator is skiing in the Super G event.  His races are NEVER dull.  Canada’s Eric Guay, who pulled out of earlier events with injury, goes too on Saturday.

- Curling – After a slow tourney start, the Canadian women Kleibrink rink had a solid win against the defending gold medal Rhona Martin of Scotland (UK).  the Men’s Gushue rink couldn’t get past the Finns.  As this tournament heats up, watch how the medal-favorite Canadians respond.

- Canadian Men’s Hockey face-off against Switzerland early tomorrow.  The Swiss are coming off an epic win versus the Czechs behind the goaltending of David Aebischer.  Martin Broduer goes for Canada who will look for some of the less notable Canucks to step up and make their presence known.

Go Canada!

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Bertuzzi playing by the rules ~ Wearing a Visor

Todd Bertuzzi does not wear a visor when playing for NHL Vancouver Canucks, and i don’t think he was wearing one in the game Italy, yet here he is wearing a visor versus Germany (great pic Robert Scales).

If i recall correctly, there is (an IIFC?) rule in which all players born after a certain age must wear a visor and perhaps Bertuzzi just found out about this rule?

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Canada Scores First Gold! ~ Olympic Notebook for Feb. 11

Jennifer Heil from Spruce Grove, Alberta earned Canada’s first Gold of the games by winning women’s moguls on Saturday in Sauze d’Oulx, Italy while Norway and France logged Silver and Bronze respectively.

The Silver and Brozne medalsits were veteran Kari Traa of Norway, the 2002 Olympic champion (who will likely retire from competetive skiing), and a relative newcomer Sandra Laoura of France took bronze with a fast run.

The Japanese entry was the most acrobatic skiier pulling of a nutty flip and finishing fourth and the Swedish competitor landed a front flip for fifth (IIRC).  Overall, 2-time world champion, Heil’s run was smooth, fast and technically sound with decent, if unspectatular, jumps (top air 360 and backflip with crossed skiis).

Canadian teammates Kristi Richards (Summerland, B.C.), finished seventh, Audrey Robichaud (Val Belair, Que.), was eighth and Stephanie St. Pierre (Victoriaville, Que.), finished 12th.

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