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A Tourist’s Perspective on the Vancouver Games

Yesterday was my first day at the Olympics and it was amazing!  Vancouver is a beautiful host city and the BC Tourism Board http://www.hellobc.com has done an excellent job promoting the city and its gorgeous scenery.

The day started out with a photo walk around downtown taking pictures of the Olympic flame, then down to Robson Square to see the Chinese gold and silver medal pairs figure skating champions do brief performances.  Then we went to the British Columbia Media Center! And watched some snowboard half pipe and hockey on TV.

Late afternoon I headed to the Pacific Coliseum as I was fortunate enough to wrangle a ticket to the Short Track Speed Skating.  At Wednesday’s Short Track was Women’s 500M quarterfinal, semifinal, and final—yes, we did get to see the final, including flower ceremony.  In the end China won gold, and the home team, Canada won silver!  It was also Men’s 1000M and Men’s 5000M semifinal relay.  In the relay 4 teams compete at once, each with 4 guys on the ice so you can imagine it was quite crowded.  But due to a disqualification, the final will be even more crowded: 5 teams, 4 guys each!  That would be very exciting to see.

It was a fantastic day to be there as new Olympic Records were constantly being set and broken.  What you learn when watching Short Track, is its not over till its over!  You may think you’re out of the qualifying and then 2 skaters knock each other out and suddenly you’re in second place!  Even though these are fairly short distances and people are going at super high speeds, the leader of the pack can change in a heartbeat.  Fight till the end, the race doesn’t end til you cross the finish line!

If you have the opportunity, I recommend short track for the excitement and the crowd’s enthusiasm.  And if you’re Canadian, don’t forget a cowbell to cheer on the home team!

Going to this event by myself, I found the other fans to be extremely friendly and helpful. During the event, I sat near some very friendly Canadians and had a great time exploring the public transportation system with some guys from Toronto. Vancouver was clearly planning ahead for this event: although the line for the 10 Bus to go downtown was a 1/4 mile long, the city had buses coming right after each other to pick us up so I don’t think I waited more than 20minutes before I got on the bus.  Very well done, Vancouver!

Inspiring event! Great day! Awesome Olympics! Wonderful host city!
Guest Post Written by: Toffler Niemuth
Twitter: @tofflerann

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Alexandre Bilodeau Press Conference

After winning the first Canadian gold medal on home turf freestyle moguls skier Alex Bilodeau had a press conference this morning which I sat in on at the BC International Media Centre.

Photo credit: John Biehler on Flickr / 2010.JohnBiehler.com

The very humble Bilodeau replied in both French and English, offering much praise to the Own the Podium program, his family (in particular his brother), and his fellow athletes. “This extraordinary effort does not come in isolation,” said Peter Judge, CEO of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association. “First and foremost we are thanking Canada.”

Photo credit: John Biehler on Flickr / 2010.JohnBiehler.com

Running on 3 hours of sleep after many media meetings, appearances and television spots in the last 18 hours, Bilodeau did a great job of even addresses tough questions from press about judging at sporting events like his. “The only thing I can control is my performance,” he noted.

When asked what his coach’s last words of wisdom were before he went down his medal-winning run he simply replied, “I said to him, ‘thank you’.”

Photo credit: John Biehler on Flickr / 2010.JohnBiehler.com

With many more press conferences, interviews, and photo ops on his horizon Bilodeau is ultimately looking forward to seeing his family tonight. He added, “for me it’s just the beginning of a great party & all of Canada is invited.”

Submitted by Rebecca Bollwitt

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PHOTO ESSAY: Canada Welcomes The World to The Vancouver 2010 Olympics

This is the 2nd of several Vancouver 2010 Olympics photoessays created by Kris Krüg.

Vancouver is filled with energy now that 2010 Winter Olympic Games has officially started.

The last week has been filled with the excited fervor of the last month and anticipation of the upcoming weeks.

Here is a photographic look into the last week of adventure and celebrations, before the officially opening of the Games in Vancouver.


The Olympic torch was carried downhill on the Blackcomb mountain by world champion and olympiad Steve Podborski. Steve won a bronze medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Currently he is part of the VANOC and works within International Relations.



Premier Gordon Campbell seemingly is Canada's number one fan. Campbell has travelled around Canada for the entire length of the torch relay. Here he is handing out coveted British Columbia Olympic pins to fans at the Whistler Torch Celebration.


Willie Lewis - Squamish Nation

Vancouver is part of the Coast Salish territories and has a Four Host First Nation welcoming committee as part of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Willie Lewis, dressed in a traditional Aborginal outfit, was part of the Whistler Torch Relay Celebration.


Static Photography had the chance to hang out in Whistler for the weekend with Chris Wheeler who had been following the torch relay through all of Canada. We had the chance to do some zip trekking with him! Our longest run was 2200 m. :)


The Olympic Torch had an extended route through all of Vancouver with the relay going through all of the neighborhoods in Vancouver. The Vancouver city council accompanied by Mayor Gregor Robertson welcomed the torch when it came to City Hall



Vancouver Olympiad Lori Fung, with her gold medal, was present when the Olympic Torch came to the Vancouver City Hall. Fung was the first gold medalist awarded in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics during the 1984 Summer Olympics which were held in Los Angeles, CA.



Iain Black welcomed the public to the opening of the VX Forum in Vancouver, BC. Black is Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development in Canada and is pictured here with Nadia Nascimento and Dave Olson of Invoke Media which is the parent company to twitter-based application Hootsuite.



This is the first Olympic Games where people are full-on involved with technology and the internet. Many fans often have out their own cameras to capture their memories themselves. With this sort of documentation present for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, some of the best Olympic news coverage will be coming from the internet!


There are many different pavilions popping up all over Vancouver with all sorts of awesome installations and displays. This is a touch screen graffitti media installation in the DigiBC part of the BC Pavilion. Here one of the creators is having fun creating some interactive art.



Mayor Gregor Robertson has been a very busy man during the preparations for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Here he is outside of the W2 Media and Culture House in the DTES. He was the speaker at the ribbon-cutting of this independent media house which opened to the public.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games - Vancouver, British Columbia

The beautiful Olympic Athlete Village sits on the waters' edge of the False Creek. There was a bit of controversy when the athletes from Australia hung up their official Aussie flag, which is a copyrighted image. Despite some grievances with the IOC, Vancouver fought to keep the flag up!

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games - Vancouver, British Columbia

Bombardier, the company who designed the Olympic Torch for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, also designed the Olympic Line, a train that runs from the Main Street Skytrain Station to Granville Island. Bombardier has given Vancouver two of their streetcars, on loan from Brussels, Belgium. The Olympic Line is a 60 day demonstration project so get a ride while you can! 


Visitors have been packing into Vancouver from all over the world for the 2010 Winter Olympics. This group of women associated with Ukrainian team were photographed on their way into the Opening Ceremony on February 12th. 

Occupied Vancouver

Another type of visitor that has been sighted in Vancouver is the increase in public security, with the influx of police from other provinces. These police officers are in fact from four different Canadian provinces! 


It was very exciting to watch the crowd gather for the Opening Ceremony at the German Saxony House. The place was packed with locals and visitors for the three hour televised event. Of course, everyone went nuts when the Canadian team was ushered into BC Place. 


The biggest secret of the 2010 Winter Olympics was the identity of the person who was to light the final torch in Vancouver during the official welcoming of the Games. Wayne Gretzky ended up carrying the torch from BC Place to the final outdoor giant torch at Waterfront station in a great fanfare. The night ended with a fireworks-filled sky. 


The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games have only just begun. The city of Vancouver has ahead of it three weeks of events and celebrations!

This is only the beginning so make sure to check back for more photographic recaps from Static Photography! 

In case you missed it, here is our first photo essay about 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Thanks to Vancouver Access, Culture at the Olympics and the LA Times for republishing our first 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics photo essay!


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The Olympic Storm Hits Vancouver

For the past years, people from Canada and the world have been anticipating the 2010 Winter Games.

While the IOC and VANOC busted their buns around the clock getting ready to host the party, the rest of us continued with our daily lives. Meanwhile an army of athletes, volunteers, and officials are dedicating their lives to ensure that the spirit of the Olympics, the competitions and hosting the world largest cultural celebrations are successful for everyone (Especially their sponsors…).

I feel both a sense of satisfaction and sadness as I am living, experiencing these games. This has been something that I have been looking forward to for a long time and now it is here. What’s next on my Olympic journey?

Over 80 nations are competing in our city until February 28th. 2500 Athletes inspiring us and demonstrating what dedicated, hard working humans can achieve.

People from all over the world are walking these BC Streets, enjoy the various free venues and taking in the Winter Games Celebrations.

February 14th – aka Valentine Day

Today is Valentine Day, at the Swiss House they are doing chocolate fondue. On Robson square and in Richmond at the Ozone, they are celebrating BC Day, In Chinatown, a 3000 years old + culture is celebrating Chinese New Year..

Where where you for the Opening Ceremonies?

Having already seen the Opening Ceremony Dressed Rehearsal on February 10th, I opted to hang out with friends at a local pub and watch the actual opening ceremonies on the screen. I eventually made my way to the OZone in Richmond and ended my night at the Holland Heineken House..

Recap of Day Two

Saturday was a great first day of competition; I went to the 5000m Speed skating Medal Event at the Oval in Richmond, I was lucky enough to have front row seats in the dutch National team section and watch Sven Kramer break the Olympic Record and win the Gold Medal.

After a much needed nap and some tasty Japanese food at Modern Club Teppaniaki Restaurant, we return to the Holland Heineken House for the evening celebrations and attend Sven press conference with the dutch media.. (We are Accredited with the Holland Heineken House and will be covering various events there over the next few weeks)

I used Ustream to webcast his interview (in Dutch) from the Holland house…

Reflection on these past few days?

Despite the tragic event of Friday morning and the lost of the Olympian Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. Despite the violent actions of protesters abusing their freedom of speech rights. Despite Canada not wining its first Gold (congrats Jen for winning the Silver, our first medal of the XXI Olympics for Canada!)

I would say that Vancouver/Whistler, BC and Canada are off to a good start hosting these games.

Photo credits Mariska Richters and John Beihler (Van Access team)

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The Torch is Nigh! – Olympic Outsider #12

The Torch is Nigh! – Olympic Outsider #12

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Examining Main and Hastings – Olympic Outsider #11

Examining Main and Hastings – Olympic Outsider #11

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Olympic Torch Relay – Day 106 – Downtown Vancouver

Today is the last day of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.

I had the pleasure seeing the torch up close and being passed on right in front of me, along side so many Vancouverites and Olympic fans..

“The Olympic Flame has a sacred history and symbolizes the principles of peace, brotherhood and friendship,” notes VANOC (the Vancouver Olympics Committee), and is “a 45,000 kilometre journey across Canada that will unify the country and build excitement for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.”

According to VANOC, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics torch relay is “the longest in history to be contained within the Host Country.”

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Torch Relay Statistics

Some interesting statistics, provided by VANOC in a media kit released in October, 2010.

  • 106 days long (October 30, 2009 – February 12, 2010)
  • 187 community celebrations
  • 1020 communities and places of interest, including
    • 115 Aboriginal communities
    • 20 places of interest
    • 14 Canadian Forces Bases and Canadian Forces Stations
  • 90% of Canada’s 32 million population (about 29 million) will be within one hour’s drive of the relay route
  • 12,000 – number of torchbearers
  • 45,000 – total kilometres traveled across the country
    • 18,000 – total kilometres by air
    • 1,000 – total kilometres by water
    • 26,000 – total kilometres by land
    • 100 – approximate number of different modes of transportation used along the way

The sheer length of the relay within the host country (with no international legs included) is what has distinguished it from previous Olympic torch relays.

Map powered by MapPress

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On the Ground in Vancouver – Olympic Outsider #10

On the Ground in Vancouver – Olympic Outsider #10

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